Update re: Father's Touch

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  • Utopian_Raindrops

    The children and I are so excited for you morrisamb!!!w00t!

    You are so brave to be taking your life’s story to everyone who will listen!!

    I know we all will be watching for the release of your movie!!Clap

    By the way…tell your partner to reconsider!! We think it would be awesome if he were in the movie with you!!

    Gotta Luvz Ya!!Hug


  • morrisamb

    Hi Utopian, hey, Maurice will not reconsider..you should have seen his face when I suggested it...even when the documentary filmed here for a month, he wouldn't go on camera, even though he was in the apartment.

    Then when the filmed my book reading, he sat in another section way away from my family so the camera wouldn't catch him...he's funny!

    Anyways, the short film will be enterred into film festivals! Cool.

  • Joyzabel

    WOW ((Morrisamb))

    This is wonderful news and I'm sure keeping you very busy! Please keep us informed on when it will air. Obviously waiting for Dateline was worth the wait, I'm sure your documentary and film will be the same.



  • morrisamb

    Thanks J2bf! I will definitely keep everyone posted. The London Free Press wants to do a major article on the short film and then one when it is completed. Also Scene magazine might make it a cover story. Very shortly I will be posting all updates on my web site! (www.fatherstouch.com)

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