My beautiful 7th grade daughter just finished her Christmas Concert tonight.

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  • PaintedToeNail

    My lovely daughter played in her orchestra's concert tonight, in spite of her father who tried to make her feel guilty about it. He went to the KH tonight, while my youngest child and I went to listen to joyous music played by the local kids at our town's school. My girl was front and center and she did a great job. I'm wondering who had the better evening, me or hubby..Not really, I know we had the far better time. He was really upset about her being in the concert (we never let him in on the fact that she was playing-he knew nothing until just before the event), but it was his loss, not ours.

  • LisaRose
    Good for you both, it's one step away from Watchtower silliness and toward a normal life. Christmas music is lovely, it's one of the things that makes this time of year so special. I am glad your Grinch didn't steal your Christmas.
  • TheListener
    Yay!!! Love to hear positive stories. I remember my kids first christmas play and musicals.
  • WireRider
    Good for you. Truly. I find it interesting that God must know about unapproved activities - but somehow requires times sheets for reporting activity.
  • nicolaou

    I'm about as atheist as it gets but kids singing Christmas carols will melt my godless heart every time.

    Sounds like you and your daughter had a magical time, good for you!

  • PaintedToeNail

    WireRider-Love that! So true, never thought of it before.

  • Quarterback
    I remember in Elementary school feeling left out in some of those activities. Then there was an opportunity that I could engage in. Later on, at the end of singing, the group of kids had to turn a certain direction and pretend that they were saluting a flag. I didn't know what to do. I reasoned that because there wasn't a literal flag that we were saluting, then pretending to salute wasn't that wrong. Some may disagree. After that I never cared anymore in participating in those after school activities. Hope you had fun, and that your daughter is participating because she wants to. Be aware that she may possibly have some reservations
  • Atlantis

    Hearing experiences like that make it all worth it! Good for the both of you and we hope many more happy times will come your way! Families "together" is one of the most important gifts in life.


  • PaintedToeNail
    Quarterback-Hi there, my daughter participated because SHE wanted to, not because of me or anyone else. Her music teacher asked her at the beginning of the year if she wanted to be in the concert and she told her 'yes'. It was her idea not to keep her dad in the loop. He never bothers to show any interest in us, so it wasn't a problem. Thanks for your concern. She started to participate in team sports this year too. She is having a good time in school.
  • Joliette
    Great hearing this story. My parents made me feel guilty for being in choir in the 7th and 8th grade. I still joined anyways.

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