Mandatory Vaccinations...are you for or against ??

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  • minimus

    There’s now a measles outbreak.

    There is a Jewish sect in New York that refuses vaccines.

    Some parents do not want their children vaccinated.

  • Tenacious

    I'm definitely for them but I'm against forced vaccinations.

    Parents and people should be able to decide for themselves.

    While the chances of an adverse reaction is almost nonexistent, the chance is still there and has happened and will happen to someone. But I believe the benefits far outweigh the chances.

  • redvip2000

    If the parents are morons, and can't make the right decision for their kids, then the state should force vaccination for their kids.

    Let the parents refuse vaccination for themselves, and not impose their stupidity on others.

  • minimus

    JWs didn’t accept vaccines for a while too.

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    If seatbelts are mandatory and enforced with fines, then vaccinations should be as well. Children not vaccinated, should not be allowed in school, or other public institutions/venues.

  • Crazyguy2

    One study found that vaccinated kids didn’t get diseases from none vaccinated nor should they since they have been vaccinated. “Houston we have a problem “ . I’m not against vaccination but something is defiantly wrong when vaccinated are getting the diseases their not supposed to get.

    Vaccines should be done in a slow responsible way so as to not do harm to the children. Also we should not be vaccinated against diseases that really do no major harm. When they came up with the Ebola vaccine they soon realized their were other strains that they had no vaccine for. So maybe these new out breaks of measles are new strains man hasn’t come up with a vaccine for?

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    In the 80's a witness couple had a little girl. They gave the baby the course of shots and shortly afterwards she showed signs of brain damage and severe retardation. (I don't know the PC word for that, sorry). They swore it was the vaccination for whooping cough and pertussis that caused the damage, even threatening a lawsuit. It took a year or two but the baby was diagnosed with microcephaly. The family broke up and the 8 year old girl died in foster care. Tragic. It was not the vaccination. Protect the public, force either vaccinations or isolate those not vaccinated from public schools.

  • Tameria2001

    Personally, I am one of those who believes that children should be vaccinated, but should be done under precaution. What I mean by that is this. When it was time for my children to have them, my mother gave me some good advice (she was a nurse), that being if the child has a fever, even a low-grade fever, reschedule the appointment. I followed her advice, and my children came out just fine. In fact, those very vaccinations actually saved my boys from very nasty childhood illness when they were younger. There was another family in the congregation who we would either go to each other's homes, so our boys could play with each other (ages 4 and 2 at the time). Anyways went over to their home as usual, and my boys were playing with the other boys for pretty close to an hour before their stupid mother informed me that her children had the measles and mumps. I also learned that she was too DAM LAZY to get them done, and for no other reason. Fortunately, because my boys were already vaccinated against this stuff, they never came down with anything.

    I do remember two different children who had a very severe reaction to a vaccination, also discovered that on the day those were given, they were not 100 percent well.

  • minimus

    I have never gotten the flu shot because I don’t want to. However major illnesses have shown to be nearly gone because children got vaccinated. If someone refuses to get immunized , I don’t think they should be allowed in public, especially schools because they can contaminate others.

  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping

    Vaccinate, and those that don’t want to, send them the sanctuaries cities like San Francisco so they can join their buddies who aren’t vaccinated.

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