Mass JW exodus

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  • ToesUp

    "Some folks will stay in an abusive relationship no matter what take place, that's life......I love him or her, he or she will change. Over a hundred years of abuse by the GB, most will stay...."

    Unfortunately, James is right on this one. There are so many people out there that just "roll over." These ones typically stay for friends and family. Enjoy that ride...I'm outta there. Life is too short to live a lie. Go enjoy what life you have left.

    We are noticing our family that stays in and sees the problems with the org but choose to stay. They deal with it with anti depressants and booze. Sad!

  • ttdtt

    Ahhh no.

  • phats

    With my situation I've seen that some people need a community like a religion & this one dose tend to sute some people. I was trapped (one persons trapped can be another persons protected) in it from 0 to 13 & then from 20 to 42. I'm now out 10 years & I feel free from the control. My wife has been totally "in" for all her 50 years.

    When I finally got out I wanted nothing more than for her to leave with me but the facts are "she wants in". She needs the religion, it dose something for her & I know that she knows it's far from perfect (I see it as a big bag of shite) but for her she would rather have that than what she feels would be nothing. For me, If she is happy with her choice then good. She supports me with my choice to not be under there control so who's to say it's wrong for them just because it's wrong for us. For me the thing that this should be about is the not being allowed to go with your heart without dire consequences. If this statement could show people that we all should have true freedom to believe or change your mind just like the org seem to be admitting here. just my take. Phat's.

  • Vidiot

    They way they're selling off KHs and AHs, dumbing down the literature, staunchly reiterating their more extreme policies, and constantly demanding more and more money from the R&F, it's almost like they want a "mass exodus". I definitely believe that there's more XJWs and still-in TTATTers than there are dutiful members.

    There's more than one kind of exodus, though.

    Hell, as far as I'm concerned, we are the exodus.

  • _Morpheus

    Sigh.... humans have such short memories. Use the search feature and se ehow many times this question has been asked over some seeming damning statment in a wt article.

    The mass exodus never happens.

    Lets learn from the past.

    The cult has been around for over 100 years and has said stupid thing after stupid thing.. they have contridicted themselves and lied and done whatever they needed or wanted to... and people still show up on Sunday.

    Read this aloud to yourself:

    I accept that there will never be a mass exodus out of the cult.

    repeat as necessary.

    Trading belief in a fairy tale paradise for belief in a mass exodus from the cult dosent make it less a fairy tale.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I think we all agree the mass exodus is postponed for the moment but;

    I thought they had recently told the sheep that the FDS are yet to be chosen? Didn’t I see and hear on video one of the cult leaders saying “We like this doctrine!” Or is that now yesterday’s ‘truth’??

    So they now say,

    Therefore, it [GB] can err in doctrinal matters or in organizational direction......Of course, Jesus did not tell us that his faithful slave would produce perfect spiritual food ‘Watchtower Feb 2017”

    What a cop out? Well why does anyone bother to listen to them if they have not got anything special to say?

    I imagine the statement they have put out to the effect that they are not inspired of God, is a legal move to be able to deny that they have enormous power over their flock. (They want to minimise their role in harbouring paedophiles and blame it on others).

    Many JWs will also have written to HQ and said Look you lot got it wrong in 1914, 1918, 1925, 1975, the generation of 1914 and that “overlapping generations” does not make sense etc. Their response is in Watchtower Feb 2017; they are categorically not inspired. (It was pretty obvious all along).

    The trouble is that the duplicitous JW org say one thing but here’s the point; they expect the sheepy followers to believe something different to what they have said publicly, such as believing that God has still chosen only them . . . and they just follow willy-nilly, never questioning, munching away on the WT rubbish like the lamb-brained creatures they are.

  • David_Jay

    While a mass exodus may not happen, it will not be easy to spot if it does either.

    Going back to the WCG, the exodus of two-thirds of their group happened in stages over a period of a decade. It started first with the drop in funds. No one in the WCG knew that the exodus from their religion had happened until it did.

    @_Morpheus...Believing something is impossible is how Titanics sink and Hinderburgs blow up. How many times have people said something was impossible and yet the impossible still happened? How many Americans are still shocked that Trump won the presidency over Hillary? Fairy tales may not happen, but nightmares do come true, especially the ones people deny will ever occur.

    A case in point: leadership in the LDS church (the Mormons) recently adopted critical analysis of their religion's history. Over the past year or so they have published official statements backing up Mormon-apostate claims such as Smith having had a large number of wives, 40, including one as young as 14. They also affirmed that Smith never used the spectacles he claimed were hidden with the gold plates to translated the BoM but instead used a "seer stone" that he dropped into a hat as he sat hidden behind hanging bedsheets while dictating the contents of the plates to a scribe. They also officially admitted that the Book of Abraham cannot be imediately translated from the Egyptian papyri Smith claimed was the source, as well as formally acknowledged that the events detailed in the Book of Mormon may not be historical. All these points, once the fodder of Mormon heretics is now official LDS teaching. The result? Mormon growth has declined lower than it may have ever been in its history, with a significant drop in current membership especially among Mormon men. LDS officials originally stated that the downward trend couldn't last much longer, but it keeps on going down with no end in sight.

    The JW religion may not disappear, there may never be a mass exodus, but never say never. The Governing Body just has to say the wrong thing at the wrong time and CLICK, it's over. We will all have to wait and see, but it's definitely not impossible.

  • sir82

    Re: "Impossibility": I grew up during the cold war, it seemed "impossible" that there would ever be an end to the USSR and its sphere of influence....

    ...then one day I came home from book study, turned on my TV, and saw people dancing on top of the Berlin Wall.

  • bobld

    Do not be fooled it will not happen.These people have a credulous personality disorder.The book they are studying(weird and wacky) and all the changes they made,are readily accepted by the members per their comments. It is one thing to make excuses for your mistakes(it won't happen again).Yet they are making excuses for the wrong and offensive behavior of others. In fifty years they will be making excuses for the present truths(overlapping)

  • smiddy

    A mass exodus from the JW religion ? You must be dreaming.

    Wishfull thinking I`m afraid that statement you quote from the WT will most likely go over the heads of the majority of witnesses and they wont get the sense of it.

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