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  • jgnat

    Hmmmm. Digger, you just HAVE to be from Australia. Is that another example of the wacky humor from down under?

  • Brummie
    I am The Greatest Man That Has Ever Lived

    sheeeesh now I've got competition!


  • digderidoo
    1. Since Lawrence of Arabia was a homosexual, what was he like? Did you do him before, during or after his desert adventures?

    Sorry SS nothin to divulge.....I rejected his many advances.

    2. Could you name the 17 languages?

    1. English (both pigeon and Queens)

    2. French (with a french Canadian dialect)

    3.Swahili (while sucking a lollipop)

    4. Arabic (but i aint goin to Iraq)

    5. Cantonese (picked up in a West London chinese noodle parlour)

    6. Mandarin (picked up in an East London chinese take away)

    7. Icelandic (from my life as a homosexual viking)

    8. Russian (in order to bring peace during the cold war)

    9.Spanish (not fluently, but enough to get by)

    10. Catalanian (with a high altitude mountain range dialect)

    11. Punjabi (so i can order a samosa)

    12. Gujerati (from my travels in Pakistan)

    13. Italian (taught by a Jordy ice cream man)

    14. Afrikaan (whilst i lived in a mud hut on a misty Zimbabwe plain)

    15. Gaelic (from 2yrs sitting in a circle of stones on an East Hebrodian island)

    16. Scotsprose (learnt during a march in County Antrim)

    17. Welsh (but i haven't learnt the anthem)

    ......I'm also trying to learn the language of the Klingons with a bit of difficulty to attempt to achieve intergalactic peace.

    What role did you play in the cargo cults? I wasn't aware there were gods involved.

    .......whilst walking down a street, totally minding my own business i was pulled into a car, held for three days and nights, worshipped by five women and an old man with dreadlocks for a beard.

    What is your favourite drug?

    The drug of love.....

    I hope i answered your questions fully and to the point SS.


  • undercover
    And what brought me to this cult? Playing poker with C.T. Russell....forgot to mention that one.

    I guess you lost.

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