Do most ex JW's go politically left?

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  • Billyblobber

    The whole "left wing media" thing started way back in the Nixon era as a way to discredit all of the (true) criticism and exposing of the targets in question. It has been a go-to defense since then - it's basically an ad hominem used to get people to ignore facts.

    Once the Fairness Doctrine ( was abolished in Reagan's era, that led to a lot of extreme right wing news sources like Rush, and mostly right wing sources like the majority of Fox News appearing that literally consistently feed extremely slanted viewpoints (at best), misinformation, and in many instances, out and out lies to good portions of the American public. That's one reason why I often warn non Americans about news sources from here - it's bad enough that more than half of this country can't figure out what's going on while being here - listening to it filtered through already misinformed people is a nightmare.

    As for ex-Witnesses, I think a lot depends on why that person left in the first place. People that left through logically figuring out that things were wrong are probably going to lean with more logical viewpoints in other areas, which often leans left socially politically (as the American "left" isn't even really leftist in Canada and much of Europe and would actually be considered pretty right as is - the American right is ultra extreme right). If a person left strictly for ego or emotional issues, there's nothing saying that they can't be drawn into more thinking that resembles JW thinking in the first place, and may go the other way, at least socially. Fiscally, it can be more complicated.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    There seemed to have been an equal mix of conservatives and liberals here a few years ago. There were some nasty flame wars too. Things are relatively peaceful nowadays compared to back then.
  • Lightgrowsbrighter
    Overall, thanks for the nice response's! Some impassioned and even vitriolic responses- dogmatic?- but I guess that's to be expected. There is no denying that as active JW's, we were told to be politically neutral, but politically JW's would be right with sexuality, and left with some social issues. Perhaps it's a knee jerk reaction when people leave the Borg to become impassioned and even dogmatic about some other issue. Still, it seems really hypocritical to me to see dogmatic and insulting comments about people we disagree with after being involved with a controlling group like the JW's that thrive on that kind of behavior.
  • Mephis

    JWs are left wing economically (insert Jewish socialist gags here) and authoritarian socially (which is typically seen as right wing outside of extreme examples from communism). To all intents and purposes the JWs' dream world is a more extreme version of Ted Cruz's but on the other side of the divide economically. Look to Stalinist Soviet Union or the Stalinist style North Korean regime for real world examples I guess. Current right wing examples may well actually be some of the Islamic dictatorships. Irony overload.

    That authoritarian extreme of JWs makes it harder to be more authoritarian, so everyone will fall somewhere below that on the axes when they leave dubland. Head right economically and keep most of the social views, and the US Republican Party is your friend. Believe in the ability of change to happen through communal effort but want more freedom and you'd likely be happier under a Green Party government in a European country. Go polar opposites and you end up an anarcho-capitalist, territory into which the US libertarian movement dips (too conservative socially really to fully count - calling yourself a libertarian and believing the state has the right to dictate social matters based on religious views is oxymoronic).

    I actually think it's healthy to see ex-dubs engaging in real world politics and becoming passionate about it. Even if I disagree with someone's views with every fibre of my being, I'll celebrate with them casting the vote and being out enough to try to address real world problems rather than waiting for 'God magic' to fix things.

  • kaik

    I lived under totalitarian and I have aversion of social engineering experiment. I do not like pack mentality and nor that I have to have stance on every issue that does not pertain me. I do not like when there is a government telling me how I should live my private life. I do not have specific attachment to any party or any movement.

    Last year the argument and storm that followed incited by two ogres Junction and AlphaMale was issue of media. My point was that all media lies and are biased. Some media lies more than others. These two jerks were insisting that Fox and right-view media do not lie because they are not under control of Jews. Suddenly, couple other anti-semites joined chorus, and well all over me accusing me of beliefs and positions that I never said. Especially AlphaMale was vulgar. Vivian joined the discussion and these people continued with attacks and verbal harassment against her and several others. The thread was eventually locked for posting. And I can tell you it was not Vivian who was cyberbully, but AlphaMale and Junction, hiding behind the anonymity of internet.

    So, my experience on JWN is that people have not only right-wing view, but they are extremely defensive when they get challenged or even when you slightly disagreed with them. To them, everyone else is wrong and only their political stance was right.

  • done4good

    kaik - So, my experience on JWN is that people have not only right-wing view, but they are extremely defensive when they get challenged or even when you slightly disagreed with them. To them, everyone else is wrong and only their political stance was right.

    Emotional responses are typically the product of ignorance.


  • LoveUniHateExams
    my experience on JWN is that people have not only right-wing view, but they are extremely defensive when they get challenged or even when you slightly disagreed with them. To them, everyone else is wrong and only their political stance was right - to be fair, this also applies to some left-wing people.
  • Phizzy

    I was a JW for a long time, but all that time I hated with a fervour Totalitarianism in any form in the political world, and was oblivious to the fact that my religion was totalitarian/authoritarian.

    I never liked the Tory party (right wing), or any other Right Parties, here in the U.K, and still don't, and was more in favour of the more Left Party's policies, though rarely agreeing with all they said. And that about sums up my present position.

    So I didn't "go left" after leaving, I just actually began to Vote.

  • Saved_JW

    Excellent observation!

    I tend to think you are correct. For a number of different reasons.

    1- The hope of Paradise earth is centered on a style of government resembling Socialism.

    Think about it, everybody helps each other build their houses in a perfect utopia where nothing costs money.

    2- Clean energy

    The paradise earth assumes that everything is going to be environmentally perfect. Everybody will have a share in cleaning up the earth to its original state. This align perfectly with a left of center political ideal.

    3- Welfare State

    Jehovah's Witnesses take HUGE advantage of the welfare state. Most Pioneers depend on this to supplement their income. Like a parasite which feeds off the host of the most productive/educated in society, JW's bite the hand that feeds them. On one hand they condemn education and government, on the other hand they will freely take advantage of those laws passed that benefit them financially. This would mean their opinions would more likely align with the Left. [of course they abuse the system, by no means am I saying the welfare programs are wrong and not beneficial for those who actually need them]

  • Vidiot

    If the WTS and JWs did begin to outwardly engage in politics, they'd be in bed with the Religious Right faster than you could say "rapture".

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