Do most ex JW's go politically left?

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  • Lightgrowsbrighter
    I've found it interesting that- IMHO- most of the politically vocal ex-JW's at this website seem to lean left. I'm personally pretty centered- right on some issues, left on others, but overall have a pretty cynical view of all political/religious leaders. I find it somewhat ironic that people who leave such a dogmatic group like the Witnesses become so politically dogmatic. The angry trash talk about 'the liberal media' from the right, and 'stupid Fox News etc.' from the left only makes matters worse. I think the only way this place will every improve (barring Divine intervention....) is mutual respect- even if you feel others opinions are ignorant.
  • ivanatahan
    I find myself pretty far on the left side of the political spectrum. Whether it's a result of my JW background, I don't know.
  • Mephis

    Decent way to judge where you are on the political spectrum using a fairly neutral way of judging things because there's a fairly international community here. Both right/left economics and libertarian/authoritarian.

    I'm a leftwing libertarian. (-7.88 left, -6.41 libertarian).

    Personal feeling, it really varies with which group. In some ex-JW fb groups, I'd not be surprised at all to be the only 'commie' in the group. My suspicion is that it will break out broadly reflective of broader society, especially so as people's views and beliefs become their own again post-exit from dubland. Seems to hold true, at least from British perspective, for things like belief in God from polls of ex-dubs and then comparing to what I see in broader society in Britain. Which is of course a very different place to, say, Bible Belt USA.

  • HappyDad

    I've found it interesting that- IMHO- most of the politically vocal ex-JW's at this website seem to lean left.

    I totally agree with you. In the past I have been way to vocal and trashed these ones. My strong opinions have been because of my JW past where I and most JW's I knew were so confident that we had the answer to everything. We had the "truth"!

    I have learned a lot over the years and try not to get involved in left or right topics. My emotions about certain issues can have me say things that I will regret soon after opening my mouth. So it's best for me to stay quiet. Friendship is not worth losing because of political leanings and beliefs. My leanings are middle of the road right and sometimes far right when it comes to protecting the 2nd amendment and closing borders. At least I now can choose what I want to support.


  • talesin

    Looking back over the years, I'd say it's a sign of current USA politics. During the GWB administration, there were quite a few vocal right-wing posters. Remember, that was during 9/11 aftermath, and the subsequent invasion of Iraq, - emotions were running high, and the American people wanted vengeance.

    The flame wars and heated debates recently, tend to be between deists and avowed atheists. Political wrangling has died down (except for racial and gun-control issues, which are always hot topics). It will be interesting to see if things heat up in 2016. For some entertaining reading, go back to the 2004 pre-election threads. Oh yeah, lots of right and left vehement discussions. : D

    As for the JWS, to me, they are conservatives. They are pro-rules (laws), anti-choice, pro-capitalism and harsh punishments for crime, including the death penalty, anti-gay/lesbian, anti-marijuana, anti-peace movement, hate Rock and Roll, etc. Don't let their phoney 'pacifist' stance on war convince you they are liberal thinkers. That is just another form of controlling the 'sheeple'.

    Ponder that for a while - I used to think all exJWs were like me, ie. a flaming, bleeding-heart liberal (as I've been called, here, years ago. lol!), but no. Many are very conservative, "Tories", we call 'em. In the USA they are called the GOP or Republicans ...... oh and also the Libertarians are right-wing as well. (Not that there's anything wrong with that! hehehe)

    That's my take on it.


  • OneGenTwoGroups
    I you are actually "awake", as we xJWs use the term, then you can't be a batshit crazy Republican. The GOP is part of the same bullshit mountain that the JWs are.
  • kaik
    My experience is exactly opposite. I have encountered far more extreme right-wing extremists on JWN than lefties. I am centrist. I support conservative and right leaning issues, but also I have some left-leaning opinions like healthcare and gay rights. And I do not have opinion for many issues that defines left/right boundary, because I do not care about it at all. My experience with political leaning of ex-JW crowd that once you disagree on some issue with them you became leftist. Exactly year ago there were nasty debates after mid-term election when some ogre with screenname "Junction" was verbally attacking me; and suddenly half dozen people I never exchanged any post, were all over against me for things I never mentioned, do not believe, nor I have cared. This thread eventually passed to Viv, and had to be locked down, not because of Viv, but because of GOP supporters. While I did not agree with some of the political opinions of Viv, she was civil, while Junction, and rest of the pack where vulgar, hostile, and outright nasty.
  • prologos
    we would have to take a poll on that, issue by issue. Universal healthcare is as old as the wt 1870. not a left issue, a given, welfare state , think the paradise. tough on crime? wt always blamed victims. Has the wt experience really changed the worldview of people, or is previous education determining the new direction? Trump or Sanders VT.?
  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic
    The angry trash talk about 'the liberal media' from the right, and 'stupid Fox News etc.' from the left

    Wow LGB, false equivocate much? Calling Fox news "stupid" is nothing like conservatives trash talking the so called "liberal media".

    Fox "News" is a propaganda tool that spreads out right false information and offers non stop criticism of the Left while turning a blind eye to most of the problems with Conservative Leaders. Not only that, Fox News is a single organisation with a rather singular goal.

    However, the so called "Liberal Media" is literally hundreds of independent media outlets that have no connections to each other. Some are full blown commercial organizations. Others are non-profit. And most of them have strict editorial process' via which they try to screen out as much personal and societal bias as possible.

    I find it ironic that you would buy into the false narrative that their are two sides to every story. This simply is NOT true. Sometimes there is an objectively right and wrong position.

    When it comes to where we get our news there is a HUGE difference between having an informed opinion vs. just being opinionated. Between understanding the necessary facts and principles at hand vs. just saying the first thing that pops into your head.

    People who watch Fox News are the LEAST informed about current events. Not only do they rate below every other major network - they also rate below people who watch no news at all!

    Fox News is demonstrably and objectively biased. And "the left wing Media" is just a made up term Republicans use when a fact or story is inconvenient to their cause.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    I'm with whoever doesn't impinge on the freedom and rights of others and also displays the greater common sense. And if I get the slightest whiff of theology mixed in with political rhetoric I will automatically have a deep disdain for that political party.

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