Start A Butterfly Garden!

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  • Bonsai

    A leaf butterfly? I'd love to see one! That reminds me of a strange butterfly I caught in the woods near my house last year.

    This butterfly looks like it has a treasure map on it, doesn't it?

    I later looked it up and it is called "The Common Map" butterfly. How appropriate!

  • talesin

    Because of the Gulf Stream, we get some unusual species that visit in the summer.

    i checked the maps, and these butterflies' habitat is in the SE USA, so not surprised that some of them made their way up here. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that, on the sites for butterfly enthusiasts, the Leaf Butterfly has been sited in Falmouth. Lots of rare bird sightings there, as well.


  • kaik
    Snow has melted, and garden looks fine. Only damage I see is my daphne where a branch from tree landed on top of it. I will see if my camellias will bloom in March and April because their buds were covered with snow. If we do not get a snow this weekend, it will be a pruning time (chaste tree, crape myrtle, hydrangea, visteria, and summersweet)
  • Bonsai
    Recently it's been really warm! The violets, tulips and cherry blossoms are starting to bloom. The butterflies are taking flight and the smell of spring is in the air! Feel's good! How is everyone else's spring going?
  • Heaven
    It's cool and wet here in Ontario, Bonsai. We have a winter storm warning out for today, freezing rain for my area, snow further north.
  • Bonsai
    Ouch. I used to live in that same climate. i don't miss it! (the summers are lovely, though). The older I get the closer I want to be to the equator. I'd even settle for the Tropic of Cancer.
  • talesin

    Bonsai, that butterfly (Common Map) is awesome, and I would think - well-camouflaged, so hard to spot.

    I am so happy to say (hooray!) that I saw the crocuses poking up their fresh sprouts almost 3 weeks ago. Spring has sprung. We had a bit of snow, then rain. The flowers are here early, and after last spring and blizzards constantly until April, I'm so so HAPPY!

    My indoor plants are exploding, and *must* transplant the basil, it's ready to GO. We shall be moving (developers bought the block), so my new residence will have a spot for some outdoor gardening. Maybe by summer, not sure. : )

    Heaven, I hope the storm is not too bad, be careful out there! I'm in Nova Scotia. :) *waves*

  • Xanthippe

    Bonsai I had a beautiful Brimstone in my garden this afternoon. Such a joyful sight

  • sowhatnow

    butterfly garden in Pa, would be risky, lol my daughter planted milkweed, there were cocoons, and the birds ate them all she was pretty mad. were loosing a lot of our rural habitat to housing developments and fracking.

    on another note. its was 22 this morning, the freeze killed all my daffys,

    I was told it was only going down to 34, so i only picked a few. im bummed. but i was told by an old friend, not to plant before mothers day.

  • Heaven

    Hi tal!

    So last week Wed-Fri we had another big storm...snow and ice. A lot of major tree damage. That all melted but now we're heading into another cold snap with below freezing temps and snow. It snowed overnight and we have snow forecasted for at least the next 3 days.

    But the bulbs are growing at my Dad's place despite these conditions.

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