When you see yourself in the mirror.....................

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  • LyinEyes

    PR, I was watching G.I. Jane today and Demi Moore has the perfect body, I am so jealous,,,,,,, I think I would die if I had to do any kind of even basic training, much less Navy Seals training.

    But I was telling Denny tonite, I need to go to fat bootcamp, where they make us do all of that kind of stuff ,,,,,,and if we don't they bet us to death..........lol.

    So thinking of walking around the block doesnt sound so hard after all......I think I can get my lazy ass up and do at least that........I may never get to be G.I. Jane shape , but it would be nice to feel strong again, to feel if I had to run, or I had to defend myself I could do more than I can right now.

    I am looking into joining a kick boxing class, with aeorbics once a lose some of my weight, and get my breathing and cardio doing a little better. I would hate to pass out in class,,,,,,,,, and I probably would , I am in such bad shape.

  • pr_capone

    Lyin - I am most excited about dropping that much weight. There is a Private that I work with who told me that people go into basic than I am now, they all come back in the best shape of their lives and a sixpack stomach.

    I am willing to put up with 10 weeks of someone in my face for me to look like that when I get back. I will DEFINATELY be posting pictures of what I look like when I come back. I leave in October though so I have some time until I get THAT fit.

    PFC District Overbeer

  • pr_capone

    Lyin, BTW, you dont need to go to any fat bootcamp! You are absolutly beautiful!!! There is not a single person on the earth though that couldnt benefit from walking around the block daily.

    PFC District Overbeer

  • LyinEyes

    thanks PR ,........ your enthusiasm is catchy,,,,,,,,, it's always good to have friends who have the same kind of goals.

  • AlanF

    Here's what I see in the mirror, Jes. Judge yourself accordingly:



  • LyinEyes

    Jesika, Big Tex, PR, Joanna, I have seen you all ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you are all beautiful people on the outside and inside.

    You know I love to look at fashion magazines, and watch celebrities for their hairstyles ,clothes , makeup, I just love looking at the variety in faces.

    When I meet someone it is the whole person I take in,,,,,,,,the face, the personality, their own special characteristics that make them so unique,,,,,,, that is why I think all of you I have met personally are just beautful people,,,,,,,, we all come in different sizes, colors , different features,,,,,,,I love to see the great differences and isnt it amazing how we may have someone who looks similiar to us, but we alone have our own look......except identical twins of course.

    Oh, and Alan,,,,,,,, what a gorgeous face,,,,,,I love to make faces too.....,,,,,see???

  • Dansk

    I swoon

  • Angharad

    3 - depends on my mood

    4 - I would finally have a good hair day, and would like to be more in shape.

  • blondie

    I try not to look in the mirror. Having survived an eating disorder 30 years ago, I have schooled myself not to be looking in the mirror. I try to see myself in my mind's eye and make sure my clothes aren't tight. Better a loving personality in a zoftig body than a nasty, vindictive one in a model thin body. Not that you can't find a nasty,vindictive person in a zoftig body and vice versa. The important thing is to be comfortable with who you are, able to give and receive love.

    Blondie (I hope that made some sense)

  • obiwan

    I don't like to look in the mirror, I really don't like what I see. Maybe it's the org in my head still but I really feel like I've failed greatly. Keep in mind I have a house, car, job ya know the usual stuff, But as some of you can relate when you have to start over with a completely new life you tend to change things that you did before and unfortunately they can be for the worse. I had good skills when it came to making friends but after the df I had a hard time trusting people. Soknow I feel life is just one big motion.

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