Looking Back, What's The Stupidest Thing You Believed In As A Witness?

by minimus 49 Replies latest jw friends

  • JH

    For me, the stupidest thing was to believe that MY generation was the chosen one, and that I would never die.

    How LUCKY does one have to be, to expect that. 6000 years of human existance, and lucky me gets a free ride to the new system.

  • JH

    And another stupid thing was to think that I was able to save people by making them study the bible. As far as I'm concerned, Jesus is the savior.

    Oh yea, Jehovah also is the only savior.

  • Swan

    That gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people choose to be that way, that it's a moral issue, and that they recruit straight people.

    Tammy (there's no smilie for shaking head in shame)

  • outoftheorg

    Believing that one day Minimus would run out of questions.

    Just kidding Min. Don't get all torqued up now.

    Keep up on keping up dude.


  • 95stormfront

    Believing that the "end" was coming soon and that my "ministry" of pushing worthless magazines door to door would get me through to the new system.

    It's as if I've woken up from a long nightmare.

  • TresHappy

    That I had to bend over backwards for my salvation, that I "may be" saved in the day of Jah's anger. Things like that...no wonder I suffered from depression while I was a JW.

  • minimus

    How about this? We are the most LOVING people on earth but we had more congregation cliques, resentment and pent up anger toward our loving brothers and sisters, and oh yes, we are willing to die for those whom we can't stand.

  • Iron Eagle
    Iron Eagle

    .... oh yeah , and that you guys were all real bad !

  • JH
    and oh yes, we are willing to die for those whom we can't stand.

    Ah yea, wasn't that the MOTHER of lies.

    Why give your life for someone in the congregation. Don't they believe in the ressurection?

  • goofy

    That if you married in the Truth your mate would never cheat on you. And if you married in the world they would definitely end up cheating on you.

    That it was a sin to accept a good job that happenned to interfere with a Tuesday/Thursday/or Sunday meeting.

    That if I ever left the truth or slept with someone I was not married to terrible things would happen to me and maybe even some horrible death because I was around "those worldly" people.

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