New Field Service Format?

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    Fisherman, M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S !
  • GrreatTeacher

    Since the GB are so progressive now, likely field service will now take the form of a public opinion survey to give the GB insight into their PR problem and learn things they need to change.

    Hi, we are Jehovah's Witnesses asking today if you'll participate in a short survey regarding your opinion of us.

    Is your opinion of us positive or negative?

    What are 3 negative issues that we have, in your opinion?

    Do you feel JWs have any positive associations in th public mind?

    What could we do to improve public perception of us?

    If you've heard negative opinions, where did they come from?

    Have you met anyone who has converted to the JWs? What reasons did they give for converting?

    Have you met anyone whl has left the JWs? Did they tell you there reason?

    What is the last thing you read in the media about us?

    Is our worship schedule convenient for you?

    Do you enjoy talking to us in our public ministry? What could we do to make it more palatable to you?

    Do you like our website? Do you enjoy our videos?

    What concerns would you like to see addressed in our articles and web content?

    Do you think it's tacky to ask for donations as often as we do?

    ...and, etc.

    Actually a program like this might give the GB the actual knowledge they need to secure the success of their organization.

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