Apostate - what does the word mean to you?

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  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    I guess to me the word apostate, due to my wasting 50 years in the Borg, means someone who rebels against the "Truth" and actively tries to turn a JDub into an apostate.

  • jwundubbed

    'Apostate' is just a JW buzzword. It doesn't have much meaning to me at all.

  • joe134cd

    Apostates are people who intrude and disrupt jw meetings. They also stand out side convention centers screaming at the JWs walking past.


    WTS are the biggest apostates!

    Any group that promotes lying to attain it's own distorted goals are apostates to the Almighty who has stated in the scriptures over and over again that HE hates a liar and He hates a lying tongue.

    JWs say ' We can lie because people hiding Jews during WW2 lied to protect them and that was righteous'

    Of course, no one is holding a gun to anyone's head when asking legit questions about their faith.

    So tell me again. How many times has the WTS falsely predicted the end times?

    Jesus returned already/ Invisibly?

    Really, you're not going to die?

    Oh, only JWs have the truth, which had been lost for almost 2000 years and the JWs restored it, because they are the only ones going door to door restoring God's true name?

    Oh, and that's their fruits.

    Not orphanages, or hospitals, or schools or universities or food banks or battered or homeless shelters?

    Why are the WTS apostates? Because they have no fruits. Only works that produce no fruits.

    So &ucking sad because it's so &ucking true,

    The Truth Will Set You Free


  • smiddy3

    Jehovah`s Witnesses have also claimed Christendom as Apostates because in their view they have turned away from Jesus Christ`s teachings .

    And of course any baptised JW who has turned his or her back on J.W./W.T. teachings are also considered Apostates.

    A thought just occurred to me : Do the G.B./J.W./ W.T. religion publicly state at meetings ,assembly`s ,conventions ,or in their publications either in print or over JW.Org T.V. programme`s that Islam the religion of Muslims are an Apostate religion ?

    Jehovah`s Witnesses seem to have no problem publicly showing up Judaism / Christendom as Apostates in their publications / media , however have they ever gone on record as charging Islam / Muslim religion with Aposatacy ? in any of their publications or media ?

    Because these three faiths have a common denominator with the Hebrew bible.

    Why in all of these 140 years, have the Jehovah`s Witnesses been silent about the Islam / Muslim religion being an Apostate religion ?

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    The word apostate at one time scare the crap out of me. Even when I first left I came to realise I was a apostate and had to cope with what that meant to me. My wife keep telling me all I did was to leave my former belief. Now this word means very little to me now except to show how the wt. uses it as a sledge hammer to keep their faithful inline. Words can be powerful tool and the word apostate for the wt. is it biggest gun. Still Totally ADD

  • punkofnice

    To me, the word 'apostate™' as used in WBT$ loaded language now means 'potential facebook friend'.

    Arseholes to what the Governing body has bastardised it to mean.


    The word 'apostate' should go hand and hand with 'education'

    That's why people leave the WTS. They are apostates BECAUSE they are educated

  • venus

    Etymologically, it is simply a negative prefix "a" + "postate" (like the word amoral) meaning to stand away. Stand away from (truth) is an added connotation. Away from what? Anything under the sun!

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    When I was in the organization, I always understood that apostates were those who messed up and got disfellowshipped for selfish and pig-headed reasons (because, hey, the elders are merciful and disfellowshipping is a LAST resort). And then, after committing the crime and unwilling to do the time, these people come up with malicious lies to besmirch the organization in a bid to get "even". They seemed like the ultimate pussies to me because they couldn't handle the consequences of their actions which ultimately led to their own disfellowshipping.

    How wrong I was.

    Now, I wear the term Apostate like a badge of honor. It means - to me, at least - that someone went against the grain to stand up for what's right. I call myself an apostate casually when talking to still-in Witnesses just to juxtapose the knowledge they have of me as a person with that specific term. I don't fit the crazed, disfellowshipped, morally bankrupt idea they have for what apostates should be like.

    At the end of the day, I cannot identify myself FURTHER AWAY from what that disgusting cult stands for. And if "apostate" is the definition of someone who has defected from WT's ugliness, then make that my middle name.

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