Saudi Man Sentenced To Death For Atheism

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  • Bangalore
  • David_Jay

    I must say, the rise in intolerance against atheists is highly disturbing and distressing to me. Just a few days ago, actor Stephen Fry was charged with "blasphemy" for publicly declaring his views about God.

    What is it? Atheists can't give their "testimony"? It's okay if they "do it in the privacy of their own homes," but you can't be one in public?

    If you believe in God so much that the voice of a minority and that of a few outspoken individuals among them (who are simply exercising their freedom of conscience to speak their minds) calls for legal actions and mobs and executions, what kind of belief is that? If you already wholeheartedly have faith that "unbelievers" will suffer in Hell, why do you have to form a "send off party"? If you believe God will smite these people, why not just take a step back and let the god you believe in do what you say it will?

    Sure, I don't like it at all when people say or do anti-Semitic things, but merely dismissing the idea of God, saying you have a bone to pick with God, or even putting up the world's largest sign that reads: "God isn't real people. Get over it already!" ...none of that is criminal. It's not even morally wrong, and my people came up with the God thing to begin with.

    What's truly horrible, immoral, and criminal is to read about such a sorry state of affairs as this report.

  • snowbird

    Charged with the "crime" of apostasy?


  • _Morpheus

    Your people came up with the god thing to begin with...? Who, exactly, are "your" people?

  • freemindfade

    Bronze age goat herders lol

  • snowbird

    Nothing derisive about goats.

    Herded and ate a many in my day.

  • David_Jay


    I'm Hebrew. Muslims claim to worship the God-concept that developed and evolved among my people. The Christians that charged Stephen Fry with blasphemy claim the same thing.

    My point was that it it doesn't bother me, a Jew, who is a descendant of those who developed this ancient concept, so I find it odd that other people slaughter atheists in the name of this God. I don't see that such views are blasphemous or criminal.

    The persecution of atheist and humanistic thought seems to be highlighted less in the media. People in general seem to not care as much about this as they do about what happens to religious people, and that is not right IMO. Case in point: right now it seems everybody is covering Pence and his statements that the Islamic State is engaging in a 'genocide against Christians,' but how many people seem concerned that atheists around the world are undergoing torture and beheadings simply for exercising their freedom of conscience in their own way?

  • tepidpoultry

    I appreciate how David_Jay stays on point without attacking anybody

  • Simon

    But at least they are now on the UN council for women's rights, so they can apply their balanced wisdom and fair dealings to other groups too.

    We simply should not do business with the Saudis. If ever a country was worthy of a boycott, they are it.

  • bohm

    ISIS with better PR, malls and nice cars.

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