Update after attending one day of a regional. au.

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  • jonahstourguide

    Hi all.

    Personal experience. Attended a Regional Convention in Melbourne Australia.

    Saturday attendance,, 1,500 approx.

    Baptism,, 11. About 8 born ins ,,, all 8 under 20yo and 5 under 17.

    3 of the 11 appeared to be over 20 and are not born ins.

    sounds about .8% increase ,,, kind of.

    The outstanding part of the day was the continual reference to ' are you, can you do more'.

    Ha ha Fear Obligation Guilt.


  • skin

    We got our NZ one in 2 weeks. Will be interesting to see what numbers there are.

  • smiddy3


    Is that a typical figure for a Saturday attendance nowadays ?

    We can discard the 8 born ins baptized as that`s a no brainer so that leaves really 3 possibly that have been converted in how much witnessing over what period of time and how many hours spent in the field ministry ?

    Not very productive in my book.

  • Darkknight757

    Was thinking the same thing smiddy3. Can’t really count the born in considering they probably just got baptized so they can get a drivers license according to TPTM3.

    So really only 3 at a 1500 attended convention is quite sad indeed. Kind of wondering what mentality a person needs to be these days to get sucked into this cult. I know before I left the potentials were almost all mental in some way, easily manipulated.

    We recently took our daughter to see her J-Dub grandparents and when the subject of JW comes up they almost seemed embarrassed.

  • NeedToKnow

    You should’ve pop over to my place. I live 5 minutes away, could’ve had some real good truthful discussions over coffee

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Did I miss something about driver license? No baptism no license. You got to be kidding. The borg is getting nuttier by the day. For all our friends from down under have a great day. Thank you for the information. Still Totally ADD

  • NeedToKnow

    There was something in a watchtower not too long ago if I remember correctly that compared getting a drivers license to getting baptised. I forget the correlation because it made no sense to me at the time so I dismissed it as soon as it entered my ears.

  • Diogenesister

    Antony Morris the turd during a talk said that if kids are ready to get their drivers license they should be ready to get baptised. He told parents,therefore, to withhold assisting kids to get their license until they get baptised.

    So, in other words....blackmail.

  • NeedToKnow

    That’s what it was Diogenesister

  • jaydee

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