What is Gilead's current curriculum?

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  • careful

    Some years back AllTimeJeff reported on what Gilead's curriculum was like from a guy who had gone thru it. It was detailed and enlightening for those of us in the dark. (Hey, ATJ, are you still checking in here?)

    A year or so ago sir82 stated:

    Gilead was re-purposed 3 or 4 years ago - it no longer trains missionaries, it just trains "Bethel hit squads" to go out and "encourage" congregations which are "in trouble".

    Can anyone give us the inside scoop on what Gilead is now teaching like ATJ did in its earlier version? What are they doing with the sisters there if it's become just a curriculum in studying WTS policy making and enforcement?

  • slimboyfat

    Good question, don't know the answer.

    The latest 2017 Yearbook has hardly any mention of Gilead or missionaries. The Yearbooks used to be full of it.

    What year was Gilead downgraded?

    2010 is the earliest Yearbook in PDF I can find on the site. There was much more about Gilead and missionaries back then.

    2010 Yearbook

    Gilead - 13

    Missionary - 34

    Missionaries - 72

    2017 Yearbook

    Gilead - 1

    Missionary - 1

    Missionaries - 2

    In fact the single 2017 use of "Gilead" is for a "Gilead extension programme" in Germany. And one of the instances of "missionaries" is in the regular financial statement. So in 2017 Gilead and missionaries are practically extinct.

  • eyeuse2badub

    I believe that the new curriculum could well be training talented 'brothers' how to scout out new real estate opportunities! Money is the new "field that is rich for harvesting" for the wt borg!

    just saying!

  • careful


    What year was Gilead downgraded?

    I don't know. Obviously they haven't trumpeted it, so they want to downplay the whole thing. By my post I was hoping to get some info on this now dark subject. Gilead used to be such a huge deal. Then it suddenly went off the radar. Thanks for the refs in the old and new ybs.

  • blondie
  • sir82

    Blondie's link confirms the switchover came in October 2011.

  • darkspilver

    I think part of the 'problem' is this new(-ish) internet TV thingy they use now, combined with the reduction in actual printed stuff. What used to be featured in print, is now perhaps primarily featured via video.

    The 141st Gilead Graduation programme (about three or so hours worth of it) is the most recent one showing up on tv.jw.org - when was that held/uploaded? September/October 2016?

  • careful

    Thanks, blondie. So I guess nobody here has experienced the recent curriculum. Therefore, we cannot get a report of what it is now like such as ATJ gave us. I can see one big difference now: ATJ reported that it was mainly on type/anti-type prophetic fulfillments. Since this has now been rejected, with nothing to fill the theological void, it's not being taught at the current Gilead. I'm still wondering what the sisters do there (?). Surely they are not privy to the heavy administrative hoopla that seems to be the emphasis now.

  • Vidiot

    Basics of Rhetoric and Propaganda 101...

    Revisionist History 101...

    Cold War-Era Eschatology 101...

    No electives.


  • AllTimeJeff

    I'm still here. I'm marking this to reply later

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