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  • scootergirl

    APPLE PIE! MUST know the story behind apple pie, don't you? LOL

  • searcher

    Nice one pr mate

    only thing swinging for a while are the arms hm?

    I aint saluting you though



  • Valis

    *LOL* scoot...I have a general notion about the to fill me in? eheheh


    District Overbeer

  • scootergirl

    Someday over a beer, I will

  • freeman

    District Overbeer that is wonderful news indeed! By all means if you get the chance to get into Intelligence go with that. On the civilian side this field is wide open and growing, and a security clearance above Top Secret is worth big bucks to certain employers doing critical work securing our nation.

    In my previous work, I dabbled on the fringes of the intelligence field but I have never have been an agent or even officially worked for an intelligence agency. But I will tell you some of what I have done so you know just what is possible.

    During my career I monitored the activates of people that turned out to be KGB operatives, and I stopped the bad guys from attacking government systems electronically. I helped secure the Witness Protection program. I helped secure programs related to the DEA. I helped secure the Hubble Space Telescope. I authored the day-to-day security manual currently in use at the ATF which keep agents in the field and working undercover safe. I have lectured at the National Security Agency and got to meet the director himself. I pissed him off by referring to his guys as spooks. The former Attorney General of the United States also knows who I am because I managed the Tiger Teams that hacked their massive classified data center, and I understand I really pissed her off too. I’ve had the FBI’s head of covert operations in my living room drinking coffee and offering me a job. I’m not sure but I think I may have pissed him off too because I said no to a lot of money. LOL Now that I think about it, I pissed off a lot of people in high places.

    I don’t consider myself particularly bright, (note the above tendency to piss powerful people off), and I didn’t start out with outstanding academic credentials, I just had a particular talent at breaking into computers for fun, and I channeled that in a legitimate direction. I got lucky and someone gave me a chance and it went on from there. You on the other hand are being given a chance to lay a solid foundation, something I never had and something that does not depend on luck. As far as I went in my previous field, I envy you because you have the potential to go much further . And who knows, maybe one day you will even be able to piss the President off. LOL

    Congratulations and the best of luck to you!

    PS: If they offer you an assignment at a place called Fort Mead, take it! That is the NSA and it is considered the jewel of the intelligence community. The work done there is saving thousands and thousands of lives in ways you can’t even imagine.


  • teejay

    Congratulations, PFC Eric Granell! Nice to have an active duty serviceman around -- to keep thangs under control. Excellent career choice, too... with the computers.

    If I had it to do again, I'd have gone into some branch of the military. By now I could've had my twenty in and be drawing a nice little pension.

    Good luck, Eric. Keep us posted on how it's going!

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    Congratulations Kansas District Overbeer. Do a little celebratory dance for me.

    Slippy, Fornicating Body Member



    I'm proud of you sweetie. Stay safe and keep in touch!!

  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist

    Hoo-aah PFC!

  • Azalo

    Have fun at basic, its actually not that bad. oh an make sure that you have that job guarantee in writing, recruiters like JW's like to tell half truths. I hope you like it man, personally i acnt wait until my time is up.

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