Charitable works are not the foremost consideration of Christians

by Lostandfound 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Diogenesister

    Scratchme1010 well said.

  • Lynnie

    They can't even provide assistance to their own elderly pioneers who are old and no longer can go out in service. I was told by my uber elder cousin when my mom needed assistance during the day after hip surgery it "wasn't the pioneers responsibility" to help out with my mom. But they can sure make the time for coffee breaks and driving around bugging people and wasting time on people that aren't home. So now my mother has to pay out of her own pocket an agency that comes in 3 times a week to assist since she doesn't drive. GAH! She doesn't have much money but I guess they will make sure she runs out before any of the pioneers would lift a finger to help out. Oh and my uber elder cousin has inherited boat loads of money from his non JW father but there's none for his Aunt!!!!

  • Vidiot

    My dad was of the opinion that "worldy" churches did charity to compensate for not following "the Truth", and that - like Sorry's elder pal said - the preaching work was JWs' charitable act.

    I figured out myself later that one of the reasons JWs had this view was because the WTS didn't want all that effort spent handing out freebies to "worldy" people, just to have them turn around and not convert (ungrateful bastards that they most certainly were).

    Too little potential return on investment.

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