How Long Does This Religion Have Left?

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  • Dunedain

    The WTB$ has been in a slow, but steady decline for about 20 years now. It is NOW starting to reach a more rapid decline. What took 20 years to decrease, will now take 5, and so on and so forth.

    The information/internet age has GUTTED them, and that aspect of it has not even peaked yet. The organizations VERY hardlined, trigger happy, judgemental, ways of the early to late 90's, caused MANY, MANY, of the orgs youths to be DF'd. What the Org didn't realize is that this hard lined stance caused the potential "cream" of their youth to LEAVE, and never look back.

    Many of us here, would have been that "cream", and perhaps would have ushered this org into a new "golden age" if you will. Instead WE are the ones exposing their lies, and the "domino" effect of all of this is continuing now at a rapid pace.

    They are DESPERATE now. Their past is exposed for the LIES, and false prophecies, that it is. Their CORE doctrines have changed, and flip flopped, that there is no "sense" of who or what they are anymore. The money is running out, they are no longer "milking" the cow, they have finally "butchered" the cow, instead. Yes, they are raking in some final, big chunks of money, by selling off their prime real estate, but that's the "butchering" of the "cow". Once you butcher it, yes you get a lot for the meat, but its OVER after that. Milking a cow last a lot longer, and is more profitable in the long run, but if you are indeed running out of money, then you must sell off the cow.

    Then there is NOTHING left to milk. The members of the org, are in 3rd world countries, where they have no money. The members of the org in first world countries, are in the poorer, economic, sections of society, now. This org, looked down on secular jobs, and education, so NOW its followers are uneducated, poorer members of society, and are NOT contributing enough.

    The older members of the org, that perhaps may have some money, and in the PAST would have willed it to the society, are now NOT doing that. The idiots in charge of this org, have systematically ostrasized its older members, betraying them, if you will. The older ones, TRULY see the changes, and do NOT believe the bullshit anymore. Guess what, when they pass away, this org is NOT getting their money anymore, like it used to.

    This all did not happen overnight. It has been many years in the making. The difference now, is that all the "holes" in the ship are filling with "water" at a rapid pace now. They cannot plug the holes faster than they form any longer. The ship IS sinking NOW.

    How long it takes to sink, is anyones guess, but as the old saying goes "follow the money". Well, they are running out of it, hence the sell-offs, and down sizing, and lay-offs. We ARE witnessing the "ship" starting to sink. It will go down. It will fall below the raging waters. The "captains" in charge have sunk their own boat, and ALL of US here that have left the ship long ago, are sailing safely away on our life boats.

  • Crazyguy

    I'm not sure when thier new bible was created but to change Micah 6:8 to say what it says now shows they were desperate back then. Now with this new convention they are showing thier real desperate. Thier going to ramp up the rank and file again but the world is not a mess like it was in the 60 s and early 70s . It's also not like the 80s either when the Cold War was still at it. It's going to be a lot harder to get thier dooms day message to stick when there's relative peace. This hopefully is them blowing thier last wadd.

  • jookbeard

    who'd have thought even 20 years ago an entity such as the interweb would have been so damaging to them,first they condemned it then they embraced it! their embracing it has only meant one thing more haemorrhaging of the membership base, its not only them that are feeling the mass turning away from contemporary religious groups they are all suffering and long may it continue,20/30 years down the line I doubt we will be even noticing them, an irrelevant pointless rather sad pathetic group.

  • pale.emperor

    I'm not sure when thier new bible was created but to change Micah 6:8 to say what it says now shows they were desperate back then.

    Crazyguy, i wasn't even aware of this. Just did some research:

    NWT - He has told you, O man, what is good. And what is Jehovah requiring* of you? Only to exercise justice,*+ to cherish loyalty,*+

    New International Version - He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

    Interestingly, pretty much EVERY other bible translates it like the New International Version.

    A quick search on Bible hub, the ORIGINAL Hebrew word-for-word transliteration uses the word חֶ֔סֶד (ḥe-seḏ) which means.... "kindness/loving-kindness". Absolutely NOTHING to even hint towards the word loyalty.

    I feel sick.

  • snugglebunny

    It will always have it's followers. It took me ages to understand that no matter how devastating and rational the real TATT was, Stockholm Syndrome will always prevail.

  • Quirky1

    From my previous post........

    I know things are slow here and KH's are closing but they are not going anywhere anytime soon.... It is just an aging forest and the forest is thinning. New recruits are few and far between and born in's aren't sticking around...

  • flipper

    Very good comments here- of which I mostly agree with. From the JW's being victims of the Stockholm Syndrome whereby they identify with their captors - WT leaders and the GB. I feel like most here that the exiting rate of JW's leaving HAS increased at a faster pace than it used to be- but as long as WT leaders keep bringing in millions $$$$ to keep the good ship WT Titanic floating - it will be a gradual slow death.

    The only thing in my opinion that would REALLY speed up or hasten the process of the WT Society going way for good or being dissolved would be massive, mainstream media criminal indictments against the GB or WT financial leaders behind the scenes for extortion, fraud, Ponzi schemes, GB or upper level WT reps indicted for criminal child abuse or the federal government indicting them on charges of murder and criminal negligence due to the no blood transfusion policies resulting in thousands of JW deaths through the years. If one or more of these things take place- it may indeed quicken the pace of the WT Society being FULLY exposed and JW members would leave in droves.

    That being said- you'd still have some mentally ill- mind controlled drones under mind control and under the Stockholm Syndrome influence who would still claim, " This is just " persecution " of Jah's appointed servants like happened in J.F. Rutherford's day when WT leaders were thrown into prison " unjustly " ! " They'd ramble on about it being " honorable " to be " persecuted " for the " sake of the good news " . You know- stupid stuff like that. However- If it all came crashing down with criminal indictments- I believe you'd see a bigger exodus from the JW organization at a much faster pace. The organization might even then - still exist but it would be seriously gutted in numbers.

    Otherwise I think we are looking at a long, slower demise for the long haul. I believe we need criminal indictments for the pace to quicken. Kind of my take on it`

  • Crazyguy

    Pale.emperor, the change at Micah 6:8 wasn't just from other bible translations they changed it from thier own. Just look at one of thier older black or red bibles, the one before the new silver one.

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