How Long Does This Religion Have Left?

by pale.emperor 37 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • pale.emperor

    The generation that will be no means pass away have passed away.

    The 144,000 were sealed up in 1935, oh, no wait, we got that wrong, we still have some.

    Russel is the faithful and wise servant... oh, no he wasn't it was me, Rutherford... no, actually, we got that wrong it's Knorr... erm, no we mean the Governing body.

    Shunning is pagan, true Christians would never do that (1946)... oh, actually, we should do that too.

    The revelation book has been re-written.

    The UN is the Satan's visible organisation.

    WTBS signs up for fellowship with the UN in 1991.

    Exposed in the Guardian newspaper so ends it's fellowship in 2001.

    The Greatest Man book is now obsolete and replaced with another Jesus book.

    The mags are reduced in pages.

    Encouraged to use tablets instead of actual books to save paper (money)

    Halls being sold off.

    Congregations sharing halls.

    Society owned buildings being sold off.

    Video pertitioning for money only last year to fund a new building.

    Bethelites reduced.

    Missionaries sent back home.

    Young members leaving.

    Long time members discovering the history and leaving.

    How long do you think this religion has left? I cant see it being here in another 100 years. If it is it'll be like a new religion.

  • Zoos

    It already IS a new religion. "Jehovah's dynamic, forward moving organization", you might say.

    All religion is faltering under the weight of the information age. The timeline of it's demise is anyone's guess.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    It's a financial/real estate empire, so it'll never go away as long as it continues profitable for the controlling masses.

    It'll just continue to evolve to fit the current human climate.


  • slimboyfat

    I think it will start declining within 5 years, but may take a couple of hundred years to fold completely. It's neither a new religion in the making nor will it collapse very soon. We're looking at long term gradual decline. Like the Christian Scientists except even longer.

  • pale.emperor

    But once the governing body members pass away what then? Sooner or later the "anointed" will all be dead. The Governing body HAS TO be made up of anointed brothers... or so the current understanding is.

  • xjwsrock

    They can drag on for decades. Like SBF said long slow decline. It may be increased with a very public scandal but that would just drop membership potentially, the assets can still be sold off, borrowed against, money moved around, steal from Peter to pay Paul, etc. for who knows how long.

  • Vidiot

    Barring any type of "Black Swan"-type event, it's doubtful the WTS will ever completely disappear.

    Fading away to an itty-bitty fringe group that most people have never eaen heard of (like the Russelites and Christadelphians), though?


  • MarkofCane
    • But once the governing body members pass away what then? Sooner or later the "anointed" will all be dead. The Governing body HAS TO be made up of anointed brothers... or so the current understanding is.

      Pale emperor said

      The Governing body will proclaim that as they die they will rule from heaven, the anointed will be gathered all in heaven with Christ and the GB helpers left here on earth will take direction from them and will continue until Christ and 144K returns to conquer his enemy's. This will reset the clock, their's no end to their madness.The current understanding is revised as the situation deems it necessary. They have given themselves all authority and they've proven not to shy away from change.

      "How long does this religion have left"? Remember as long as there are sheep, they will need to be fleeced.

  • ToesUp

    The smartest move Watchtower just did. Was to add the donate button to their website and on the WT app. They also sent a BOE letter to encourage the use of the reoccurring feature for donations. They are hoping the "friends" will set up the automatic payment to the Branch...then forget about it. So...month after month Brother and Sister Loyal's $20 will silently transfer to the Branch like clockwork. Set it and forget it!

    Once you have money coming in without needing a local contribution box or an account servant, now you can close more halls. Sell them. Then start to Broadcast the weekly meetings on Jw broadcasting. Starting today the GB could send a letter eliminating the literature counter...all the publications are on line ready to go.

    So if my prediction comes true...unfortunately, this organization will be around for a long time!

  • joe134cd

    In another 80 years it will be reduced to a web site. There will be a few buildings scattered around the world where a couple million members can visit when able.

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