Never Bring a Knife to a Drone Fight

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  • BluesBrother

    I must admit that I am sickened by the bloodthirsty gung-ho attitude towards the death of another human being. It is easy for the media to whip up emotions so that a man is derided as a monster - but do we really want to descend to the level of the terrorist?

    Perhaps a capital punishment was necessary & deserved, I will not deny that . I am just not happy with summary execution of people in the hope that they have got the right man. If not, who was it?

    konceptual99 is right : " It will never be solved through military means."

  • LoveUniHateExams

    the solution has to be a complete change in attitude of the majority of people - this is unlikely to occur, certainly not in the foreseeable future. I think, apart from drone strikes and helping Kurds/Yazidis, the West should stay out of the Arab world. Let them do what they do best - lots of 'Allahu akbar', stoning and beheading.

    The other problem is that all the wannabe jihadi lunatics are only too pleased to be squashed like a bug - this isn't a problem ... the West can make their dreams come true.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    do we really want to descend to the level of the terrorist? - people in the West cheering the death of Emwazi haven't decended to his level because they haven't carried out torture and beheadings. Killing innocent aid workers and killing a known terrorist aren't morally equivalent.

    Please sort your sense of perspective out.

  • Diogenesister

    Hmmm...the guy was an indoctrinated psycopath from West London....but is it good that our governments are crowing that they have executed one of their own citizens without trial?? Just putting it out there...

    The end of the troubles in Northern Ireland was essentially because the majority of people got tired of living in an urban war zone. Their ideals were trumped by their desire to have a normal life and the moderate voices started to outweigh the extremists.

    Ermm....try the fact the IRA lost its main finance/support network after 9/11 when the US population had a taste of what terrorism actually means...

    That said...basically, in the case of Ireland, terroism worked

  • Simon

    While we need to ultimately change the mindset of people, in the short term there are those that will never change and they must be executed. I am not sad at all that some evil asshole got hit by a drone strike.

    There was an interesting programme on WWII the other day about what happened after the war in Germany. There were a lot of people that had to be 'deprogrammed' from the Nazi mindset and they had totally supported the Nazi war effort. Who rebuilt Germany after the war? The Nazi's that we'd been fighting!

    The worst of them were executed because all they would ever do would be to try and cause trouble and kep on fighting. Not everyone can be helped.

  • cofty

    There was no alternative to summary execution.

    His death was no more ethically challenging than an armed policeman shooting a man in the street who is holding victims at gunpoint and who has began executing them.

    Jeremy Corbyn's reaction proves once again that he lives in cloud cuckoo land where pink unicorns fart rainbows.

    An American spokesman said they have killed one mid to high level ISIS enemy on average every two days since May. That made me smile. I hope the kill rate keeps getting better. Don't forget the brave special forces who ID these targets on the ground.

  • kairos

    It'll get to the point when the living Jihadists will start to realize *everyone* that they knew as young wannabe terrorists were killed by "the great Satan" ( nations that will not tolerate Islamic murder ). Kinda saps one's motivation when the enemy keeps wasting your people while "God is directing your leadership..."

    It's just like living JWs that have ALL seen their older family, friends, congregation elders and former bible teachers/students die off when the end was supposed to have come by now.

    Don't wait too long to leave the Watchtower. Finding out your doubts were real when it's too late in life to start over is a very painful feeling.

  • konceptual99
    Ermm....try the fact the IRA lost its main finance/support network after 9/11 when the US population had a taste of what terrorism actually means...
    That said...basically, in the case of Ireland, terroism worked

    Accepting that the the causes of both the start and end of the Troubles are more complex than any single sentence you or I could write, I think you'll find the Good Friday Agreement pre-dates 9'11 by several years.

    I have no doubt that any argument suggesting that the British Government really stood by some public stance of not talking to terrorists is utter rubbish but there is no doubt that the perpetuation of extreme violence to support either end of the idealogical spectrum lost it's appeal over time to a greater proportion of the population.

    Of course concessions were made. The inclusion of Sinn Fein in the political process and into Stormont was critical in seeing the end of the violence. You can argue terrorism worked however there was no unification of Ireland. There was no complete delivery by the IRA of their ultimate aims. If Northern Ireland needs defending it will be the British Army that does so. The majority of Unionists lost interest in listening to the moronic ramblings of Paisley and Adams and McGuinness had to present an acceptable political face rather than be seen as the puppets of a bunch of paramilitaries.

    The extremism of ISIS leaves no room for such compromise. Military action may be the only way of containing the problem for the moment but ultimately it will need solving by communication and hopefully the moderate voices shall start to gain traction at some point.

  • Splash
    Thank you USA!
  • Simon

    The IRA was political with religious undertones, it is different to the current Islamic terrorism.

    The IRA simply lost support, especially after the Warrington bombings that killed children. People grew tired of it and they fizzled out.

    Islamism cannot be reasoned with or negotiated. It has absolute claims and refuses to compromise. It simply needs to be stamped out. It is the Nazism of our age.

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