Tight Pants Tony and the 1st international broadcast started a chain reaction that woke up an uber pioneer

by Bad_Wolf 24 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • UnshackleTheChains
  • punkofnice

    snuggs. This is very true. I hardly see how it would fit into the divine will of a god. Hasn't god got better things to whinge about?

    I see why TOMO the turd's seemingly drunken rant would wake some jobos up. It's hardly an encouraging message from god's mouthpiece on earth. If you're waiting for god's mouthpiece to speak of world important messages from god and all you get is a gin soaked rant about trousers................well, pish!

  • nowwhat?

    When I expressed my concerns about Tonys rant an elder likened it to Moses coming down from the mountain. "Sometimes brother we need strong counsel" OMG! THIS IS WHAT WE ARE DEALING WITH! Brain dead imbeciles

  • punkofnice
    nowwhat? - OMG! THIS IS WHAT WE ARE DEALING WITH! Brain dead imbeciles


  • mentalclarity

    When I was a JW I had no clue who the actual people in the Governing Body was. Now that we see the "man behind the curtain" in all its glory I can't help but think I would have left a lot sooner. I just would have expected so much more from them - maybe like a monk a lo Dalai Lama. Instead we get this???? Worst strategic mistake JWs did- the more attention and exposure these men get, the more JWs will leave. It really leaves me scratching my head as to how people are still JWs knowing that the men they look to for spiritual guidance are this insane.

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