What I miss about going out in service.

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  • sparrowdown

    Just no longer feeling that awful obligated pressure of being a walking talking billboard for the WT everywhere I go is wonderful.

  • Vidiot

    I'll be honest.

    Van groups in country territory with pretty sisters.

    Never an unpleasant experience.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    I was troubled about never being off duty, that ever-present push towards informal witnessing when not in the field.

    During one of the subscription campaigns, I worked graveyard shift, cleaning a supermarket. The laid-back atmosphere seemed conducive toward casual exchanges. Still, I couldn't find a way to do both a presentation and an offer, hitting up a shelf stocker for $2.50, mop in one hand, WT in the other.

    Maybe I should have offered AWAKE!, the complete university education, 24 issues a year, some 10 cents per copy.

  • Zyron

    I miss the stress getting everyone out the house in time for the start of the group for field service, at the time wife and three children. Even when I was young, over 40 years ago, I hated field service. Would pray for storms and rain as that was the only valid excuse for not going out in field service when I lived at home.

    What else do I miss? Pushing a religion onto people that I wasn't 100% convinced was true especially about the new system coming in the householder's lifetime in order to give a sense of urgency.

    I miss filling in the time slip to report hours and placements. Where in the bible is this ever commanded? How on earth can you judge someone's spirituality from a time slip report.

    I miss householders saying they're not interested or opening the door then closing immediately they realise a JW is on their door step.

    I miss worrying what I'm going to say if someone actually said they were interested.

    I miss wasting 2-4 hours a weekend preaching some fantasy to people first thing in the morning.

    I miss waking people up who have been at work all week to have someone knocking on their door reminding them how bad the world and selling the JW solution.

    What's there not to miss. But some people really do love it!

  • blondie

    break time

    We had the best bakery with a few chairs...chocolate cream filled bismarks, or hot iced cinnamon rolls or chocolate chips cookies and great coffee....45 minute in our group, some ordered breakfast. A little conversation.

  • blondie

    Of course, now I go without the ritual with my husband and wave at the jws who come and stay an hour; I'd love to point to my watch.

  • Finkelstein

    Thinking about going out in service now just makes me mad in the realization it was all corrupt exploitation and manipulation by the Watchtower Corporation/Publishing house.

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