"Marked" for association with "worldly guy"

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  • 3rdgen

    Several here have said that she is probably being marked for having a worldly *boyfriend* as opposed to *friend* such as yourself.

    Here's the thing. The JW definition of *boyfriend* includes what anyone else would consider just friendship. For example, if just the 2 of them eat out at a restaurant- that's a *date*. If the two decide to go for a bike ride- it's a date. etc. etc. Simply spending any time alone, even if it is in public is considered *dating*.

    The JW view of dating is so narrow that even telephone conversations and emails can and will be considered *dating*. The religion even strongly discourages platonic friendships such as yours. They quote 1 Cor. 15:33 as their reason. As long as your friend is an active member she will be held to these ridiculous standards.

  • Clambake

    Getting marked is a wonderful way to go " inactive " without being d'fd.

    You can avoid the disassociation letter and no need to bother with a slow fade.

  • rebelfighter


    Thank you for the detailed explanation of *date* I love it after 5 years of extensive phone calls 4 or 5 per day from him, meeting for meals (alone) and long walks as I drove through the state he lived in, many emails the "Elder " referred to all this as mentoring and counciling. Oh and the hugs and kisses were "only ever gave you a compassionate hug once when I thought you were suicidal and I never kissed you." And that got an instant response because I have never ever been close to being suicidal, I told him I am a mighty strong woman and can deal with just about anything life puts in front of me after I lost my son 35 years ago.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    If the local gestapo elders have any means summon you to a JC, they will.

    ''Has fornication took place?'' Expect that question should the Eldubs drop in unannounced. Even if you have spent the night together under the same roof, expect a letter summoning you to a Judicial Committee. Narrow-minded and extremely controlling things are Dub-land.

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