Awesome New Books on JW's, MUST READ!

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  • LostGeneration
    Johnny Depp=Gabriel Ibarra
  • Mephis

    I recall somewhere else which got spammed with information on these two books.

    Surprisingly little available on the background of the writer - he previously was offering a work called Hystory of the Gregorian Calendar on lulu, but that seems to have vanished now for whatever reason.

    For £38, I'd expect an academic work from a small academic press, but no academic qualifications are given for why I should be buying these books and why such a high price on Lulu.

    Not really sure what to make of this, but I'm certainly not even tempted to buy at that price.

    Sorry Gabriel, you need to sell these better and give some reasons why anyone would want to pay £38 for your thoughts on JWs.

  • steve2

    With very few exceptions, most of us genuinely believe that our experiences with JW organization are compelling enough to spread far and wide, even if under a nom-de-plume. We seize upon a particular aspect, amplify it and we have a story "worth" telling in book form.

    The crushing reality is that, even if we are absolutely correct in our evaluation of the need for our experiences to be disseminated, the market for expose books on religious organizations is very small, so small that it can be referred to as a niche market.

    Over the decades, many, many books about jw organization have trundled off printing presses - and now home printers, and as recently as one month ago, they still blast the reader with blurbs that are the usual tripe such "At last! The real behind-the-scenes-story". Bor-ing, hackneyed, trite.

    Sure, there's no stopping them nor little point in going through each and every single one in any detail. And, okay, there will always be a reader here and there who heralds a book as "the best ever!". However, unless the book is well-written, well-researched and rises above the "I was once lost but now I'm save" genre (and free of the purple prose beloved of people who believe their story is unique), it is simply not worth parting with money to obtain.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    This is amusing. It demonstrates two of my most closely-held beliefs, namely:

    1. People who are or who were Jehovah's Witnesses are of the "Birdie" Class: Cheep, cheep, cheap!

    2. People who have not worked with an on-demand publisher have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how that business works; they think ALL of the money they pay is going into the author's pocket.


    NOTHING could be further from the truth!

    I'm not saying that Gabriel Ibarra's books are worth what he's asking; _I_ certainly won't be buying either one.

    Maybe Ibarra is getting $10 for each copy of his book that is sold, perhaps less.

    I know this because I have published books on LULU. I get $1 for each copy of most of my titles, and a couple of bucks for a couple of them. I also got A PEOPLE FOR HIS NAME back in print and did so in a way that provides a small income stream for the original author. I also have a couple of things on LULU that are available for FREE. I have distributed dozens and dozens of my LULU titles totally at my own expense, just as I distributed hundreds of CD-ROMS worldwide at my expense.

    It has paid off handsomely: about three times a year I can buy a large pizza with my royalties.

    I was inspired by Don Cameron, author of CAPTIVES OF A CONCEPT. Ask Don how "rich" his books have made him.

    Or ask Terry Walstrom if the advice I gave him about LULU was accurate and correct. Ask Terry about his experience.

    One thing that Don and Terry and I have in common, I think, is that none of us looked at LULU as our Paradise Retirement Program.

    I think maybe guys like Ibarra make that mistake, only to find that the OVERHEAD of on-demand publishing pushes their book into the "NO WAY!" zone. IF these guys want to, they can reduce their per-book royalty, but then they feel that publishing is NOT WORTH THEIR TIME, and they are CORRECT.

    Its not worth their time because they didn't start out with a concern for their audience. They should get involved with AMWAY instead.

    I have no use for books filled with poorly written, completely un-edited XJW angst, opinions, alternate theologies or anecdotal experience.

    Yes, I am an XJW BAHSTAD!

    Get to know me!

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