Are kilts considered proper meeting or assembly attire in the UK?

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    Avishai, I'm sure you've probably seen many kilt sites on the internet.

    This one, I have visited a few times, and it's pretty interesting.

    My family (mother's folks) MacLeod, so there was plenty of yellow/black and red. Pretty neat to see at a wedding.

    Here is the link:

    Joannadandy will LOVE this site .

  • joannadandy

    I like this site...

    I think I would look good wearing either one of these:


    I have always wanted my famlies Tartan...

    Cool beans! Thanks Rayzor!!

  • avishai

    So would it be legit for me to weat a sept tartan?

  • slugga
    How do people in the UK feel about Americans wearing kilts?

    Most in the UK wont have a view but In Scotland you'll prob be seen as being "another American dick in a kilt" Edinburgh's full of them, they come over to trace their ancestry get kilted up (in what are really tartan skirts) then run around town and the highlands (till the midges get them) pretending to be authentic jocks. Edinburgh is like Disney world in tartan, its all geared up for the tourist industry and theres at least three kilt shops on every street all desperately trying to flog their tartan skirts to stupid tourists.

    Question from the



    3. An Afro-American called Zachary Obisanjo Kokobobo asks a Tartan Shop in Inverness if he has any Scottish Genealogy. How long does it take to flog him full Highland dress and matching kilts for his wife and 10 kids?

    Seriously though - if you are going to buy a kilt its going to cost you over 300 quid for a proper one, the ones you see on line and in tourist shops are not the real deal and a real Scot will laugh at you in it. Make sure the kilt finishes 2" above the knee other wise its not a kilt but a skirt.

    Back to the matter in hand though, do brothers that wear kilts to Assembly's wear them in the traditional manner or does modesty forbid that?


  • Clam

    Avishai - If you've got Celtic heritage then why not wear a kilt? That's what I reckon anyways. My roots are Viking but you wouldn't catch me wearing a helmet with horns on it though, not unless the JW's were knocking at the door that is.

    I saw 51st State the other day with Samuel L Jackson in a kilt - He looked pretty cool in that.

  • Virgogirl

    Avishai, tee-hee-hee, I've dropped my contac lens, could you be a dear and bend down and get it for me? BTW, I'm of Scottish descent too... how can I find out what our family plaid looks like?

  • slugga
    how can I find out what our family plaid looks like?

    GRRRRRR! this is why Americans shouldn't wear TARTAN!

    It's called Tartan not plaid !

    Ok take a look at this site

    It might be useful to you though its not entirely accurate. I don't have a traditional clan tartan, my tartan comes from the clan affiliation with another more prominent clan and yet according to this site I do (and it sucks big ones)


  • IT Support
    IT Support

    Did anyone notice the address of the shop that owns the 'Men in Kilts' web site?

    Men in Kilts, The 18 - 20 The Boulevard, Metro Centre, Gateshead, NE11 9YG

    It's in England !!!

  • slugga

    Oh all the rubbish thats sold in the tourist shops of Edinburgh comes from Asia though


  • dorayakii

    I think i'd look rather fetching in my families tartan.


    (My paternal great-great grandfather was a caucasian from Scotland, just in case you were wondering)

    Would be interesting to find out about some of the traditional dress of some of my other ancestors...

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