Are kilts considered proper meeting or assembly attire in the UK?

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  • avishai
  • Matty

    Yes, I have been to Perth (that's the one in Scotland, not Oz) Convention and there are always a few brothers here and there wearing tartan kilts. I have also known them to be worn at weddings. I haven't heard anyone say "He is wearing the garb of a woman, stone the blasphemer!!!" at any convention - well not yet anyway!

  • Brummie

    Agreeing with matty, yep they are allowed, so are those dress things that some Asian guys wear.


  • Scully

    I've never seen any kilts being worn at JW conventions or meetings in Canada. However, I have seen traditional garments from other countries. I was told the "rule of thumb" was that it had to be consistent with the person's land of origin, otherwise you were expected to conform to local custom and dress according to what was considered to be appropriate business attire.

    Love, Scully

  • scotsman

    Yes, you always get a couple of attention seekers at Perth Convention wearing them, but most commonly they're worn at weddings. Some don't think they're appropriate for the platform and I have never seen one being worn a speaker. I recall some English halls being a bit circumspect of them even being worn for weddings.

    But they must be tartan. I have one in dark grey tweed and some Witnesses went bananas just hearing about it.

    Why do you ask?

  • avishai

    Curious, mainly. But I am of scottish descent, way back, born & raised in the US. How do people in the UK feel about Americans wearing kilts? I wore one to my senior prom years back in a hick town.

  • joannadandy

    Kilts should be considered MANDATORY for everyone!!

    Jo - of the "mmm men in kilts" class


    Avishai, my brother wore a kilt on his wedding day. It was so cool! It was complete, as well as his fiancee. She wore her tartan dress.

    I can't say I remember ever seeing anyone wearing a kilt at the kingdom hall way back. But I could see them connecting it with some ancient pagan lore of some sort.

    They'd probably encourage you to not wear it at meetings, or perhaps hang it as drapes or curtains at home.

    What tartan are you thinking of sporting Avishai?

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Kilts are entirely proper Apostafest attire. Especially when you've got cute legs.

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