How to Overcome Programmed Fear by JWs

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  • Dansk
    I hate the feeling of having my stomach in my throat for any amount of time

    That's EXACTLY how I felt the first week or so after leaving the Borg! THAT'S why you don't want the ride - the Borg's in your subconscious (Gosh, maybe I should start charging for this therapy!).

    Seriously, I overcame the programmed fear by turning things around. I decided not to let the Borg control me, so I don't give a heck about them. I don't care if I'm DF'd, DA'd or marked. COULDN'T CARE LESS!!!!!!!

    This, I have found, works a treat. If you're not afraid of the guys who hold the fear, then there's no fear to be afraid of (this is getting quite profound!).

    Dansk - whose real name is Ian

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