The great tribulation is now coming VERY soon!

by The Searcher 23 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Finkelstein

    Fear is the catalysis that binds the thinking of JWS, it gets purposely indoctrinated by the WTS leaders and they have been doing this for over a century, identifying itself as god's solemnly chosen organization and therefore all of its members will be protected when this persecution comes.

    This proclamation of persecution also reconfirms that they are god's approved earthly organization why ? because they were the only ones that were preaching a true and accurate Gospel of Jesus's kingdom to come.

  • westiebilly11

    1986 international year of peace. 1996 year of peace also, wasn't it?.so wrong and cruel to use scare tactics to coerce flock to obey and panic into accepting more propaganda. So many have died and so many left without spousal support because they trusted the GB. Lonely widows and divided families. The true legacy of a pick and mix publishing corporation.

  • steve2

    If there's war, it's a sign the tribulation's near; if there's peace, it's a sign the tribulation's near.

    Keep on the knife edge, brothers and sisters.

  • hoser

    The tribulation is coming so soon I can smell it.

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