Sun,moon, earth and mathematics .

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  • Viviane

    Viv's Law in action.

  • prologos
    k99 "The sunrise was no doubt beautiful over Thailand the morning of the tsunami....

    so was the the sunset in Tokyo in 1945, when the the B 29s were on their way. , not the same thing, but you are wise to not get in the way of automated work in progress, like the continuing shaping of the Earth, and in your living, and debate, you take the high ground, unlike Vivianne, with her [l]aw.

    Twitch: " As mentioned, standing waves are a specific wave interference pattern requiring a fixed point

    only some types do; case in point: the "Sun, moon, earth, and math" of tidal waves (not tsunamis).-- Our tides are really a standing wave that is a heaving of the earth and water and hovers always under the moon and to a lesser extent the Sun. We think it is wave that is coming in, but it is really points on the Earth rotating into a maximum or minimum of gravity, that is standing under these two bodies. well, these two waves are actually slowly rotating, every ~28.5 days, like the Sun, and n sync, the Earth/Moon system. Surfers ride waves, even standing ones, but we live on the patterns they leave behind, and c is crucial in all of it. c, the speed of gravity-, electro&magnetic waves.

  • konceptual99

    Prologos.... WTF are you talking about?

    The recent past has seen extraordinary levels of woo and mumbo jumbo. Every opportunity for rational debate about the existence and influence of deity has deteriorated into pseudo science, numerolgy, philosophical jerk offs and, ultimately, utter bollocks. Every time this is instigated by those claiming some supernatural influence.

    Why is it impossible for anyone who has some belief in a deity to frame their reasoning with rational and logical thinking? Is this not some massive red flag?

  • prologos

    K99, good question:--This thread supposedly was about some divinely hidden numbers in "Sun,moon,earth and mathematics". Posters have lost interest in those original propositions and moved on into the related issues. including tsunamis. The reason that it is mumbo jumbo to many, is, that the posts are replies to earlier, precise objections. If you have not read and understood those, of course it would appear chaotic to you. To put my contribution to the the mess briefly:

    As a deist who believes that the functioning of the universe is the result of an initial creative event, I am amazed to be alive in a system where in the simplest ratios of all the planet's orbits, the earth is 10, which happens to be the number of finger we count by, and reappears in other related minor coincidences, unintentionally caused by human invention , an Earth orbit diameter of 1000 light second, a 10 meter atmospheric pressure, ( and I am not talking about a puddle that fits exactly into it's pothole here) ; added, near total solar eclipses, --nothing miraculous, just the outworking of the energy, laws that were given.

  • konceptual99

    Do you really, honestly need this spelling out?

    I understand why you might conclude there is some supernatural involvement in the patterns we see around us. It's the same mental process as to why, when I was mentally in as I Witness, I followed the "logic" that the beauty in the natural world gave evidence that there was a benevolent creator.

    The problem with that thinking process is that you then have to account for all the bad stuff that happens. Witnesses brush it off with one of the following:

    - time and unforeseen occurrence

    - mankind's inability to manage his own affairs outside of supervision by God

    - universal "justice" and the question of sovereignty

    These are diversions that quickly lose any relevance once the WT narrative to the Bible is deconstructed, a process that happens quite quickly when one frees one's mind from the mental shackles of the doctrine. For those outside of the WTS doctrine framework but still convinced in the existence of some supernatural influence the dichotomy still exists - you can't use the good stuff to claim it demonstrates God's love and existence without accepting his responsibility for allowing the bad stuff.

    After my awakening from the WTS mental sleep I have found it impossible to reconcile this, especially since the more I investigate about how science explains so much of the natural processes around us, the less need there is for a God to be involved at all.

    This is the message behind the sunrise over a tsunami - any God who apparently designs sunsets for our pleasure, blesses requests to find lost keys or helps people win at sport, yet cannot intervene to stop over 200,000 people being swept away in minutes, prevent cancer killing 1000s each day or permits a world of pain and suffering just to win a bet with a ventriloquist spirit being is indeed a c***.

  • prologos
    K99: "--you then have to account for all the bad stuff that happens.--

    only if your concept of "god", (for me it is just a creator/artist,) includes an interventionist component, like Newton who, on a planet's orbit level, that we are discussing here, thought that GOD just had to nudge the planets once in awhile to keep it ticking away like that. To me as a deist, the Universe is the way it is. death is part of life. pain is part of your survival gear.

  • konceptual99

    So you have a non-interventionist who starts the process and then does one? What's the point of even believing in such a waste of space? Where did he leave off tinkering with the universe? Astro-physics shows no nudging of planetary motions by an unknown third party.

    What influence does this deity have on our lives? Does it have some plan? If not then there is no point worrying about whatever it is.

    Next you'll be claiming we're all just part of some universal computer program, running in the background like a forgotten cron job.

  • prologos
    K99: "--What's the point- What influence does this deity, [ancestor] have on our lives?

    what is the point of caring about your mother, father, if they are now out of your realm, what influence they have on your life.? why consider the contribution of the likes MIchelangelo, Bach, to be thankful? why limit your appreciation to humans? how ungrateful can you get?

  • konceptual99

    Apples and oranges Pro.

  • Crazyguy

    Yep these numbers must prove there's a God. Tsunamis , eruptions, earthquakes must prove that this God didn't do it right.

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