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    just thought id let you all in on some info i found on

    That magical moment where the Moon blocks out the Sun! But only just enough to perfectly cover the suns disc, whilst still allowing us to see the corona of light and other electromagnetic forces radiating from it.

    This only happens because the Moon Diameter is exactly 1/400th the size of the Suns and is positioned at exactly 1/400th of the distance between Earth and the Sun!
    So, when we see it from the surface of Earth, we are in the only place this can ever be seen, at the only time it could ever happen. What a truly incredible, indeed, beautiful ‘co-incidence’. How dare we pass it by!?
    A co-incidence!
    It’s the obvious thing to assume. Why should it matter anyway?

    After all, who’s got time to worry about such trivialities when the kids need to be fed and the mortgage/rent and bills need to be paid? We don’t have time to indulge such philosophy. And therein lays the shame.

    If we did, then perhaps we would realise…well…something more than we have!
    This could be anything ranging from the realisation that this simply is not for you… to an epiphany or insight not experienced before. Who knows?
    Science recognises the awesome co-incidence that this alignment exists only during the time when man has been on the planet, able to consciously consider this marvel and his own existence. Science generally acknowledges that we appear privileged indeed to be alive at this time to bear witness to this phenomenon. But that’s all it is.

    A co-incidence!
    It’s the obvious thing to assume. Why should it matter anyway?

    After all, who’s got time to worry about such trivialities when the kids need to be fed and the mortgage/rent and bills need to be paid? We don’t have time to indulge such philosophy. And therein lays the shame.

    If we did, then perhaps we would realise…well…something more than we have!
    This could be anything ranging from the realisation that this simply is not for you… to an epiphany or insight not experienced before. Who knows?

    Since science is so keen on method, perhaps it should step outside the box and experience the other obvious alternatives to ‘co-incidence’.

    Surely it’s equally suggestive that man evolved BECAUSE of this alignment!?
    And, if that were the case, there are two possibilities to consider.

    Either sentient man evolved once this particular alignment had developed over time (Moon drifts away from Earth at a rate of a few inches per year.)
    Or… it was engineered, and maintained, specifically to permit man to evolve!

    If one stops to consider this point, it soon becomes obvious that ‘co-incidence’ never was an option. It overlooks the obvious fact that the ‘coincidence theory’ has no meaning at all. It fits no ‘picture’. And, in case you hadn’t guessed by now, everything in Nature does, if you look with an ‘all-seeing’ eye.

    Of course man ‘evolved’ because of the alignment! It’s proven by our existence here at this time
    It’s there, as soon as you look but, rather than trawl through boring data, allow me to continue my attempt to paint a picture in numbers and words.

    The Moon is 1/81st the Mass of Earth. (Bear in mind that science has no idea at all what ‘Mass’ is, by the way. It’s a strange brew of density, volume and weight, but they know not from whence it emanates!)

    Earths orbit around the sun is 366 cycles per year
    (Viewed from OFF the planet!)

    Moons orbit around Earth is 27.32 days
    (When measured against fixed stars. Known as the ‘Sidereal Month’)

    If there were some higher symmetry hiding in these apparently random numbers, how can we see it? A good starting point is always…Reciprocate them!

    See what happens!

    1/81 = 0.0123456789… (A mathematician will soon spot that, in fact, the 8 does not actually appear if you use a calculator to do the math. But there is a known mathematical proof which, when applied, proves the 8 is actually in the sequence. Just accept this for now.) So, the reciprocal of 81 is the decimal number system. So what?

    1/366 = 0.002732 Interesting?

    1/27.32 = 0.0366 More interesting?

    If you are seeing nothing, don’t let the numbers block your view. Remove all the decimal points and zeros, because they are simply scalar indicators, and notice that 2732 and 366 are reciprocal opposites.

    Earth and Moon are ‘locked’ in a numerical reciprocal relationship!

    In case you are thinking, ‘so what’, be aware that this fact, able to be proven by any school child, is not taught or even known to teachers of astronomy or physics. At any level!

    Moon ‘experts’, quake in your shoes! Shame on you for not seeing this! You claim that the mystery of planetary orbit is not understood! Excuse me!?
    Did you ever actually look? Or did you just learn what they taught you to believe?

    I wonder, does the casual reader of this indulgence see what they are looking at here?

    One of Astronomy’s greatest unanswered questions. You may think that if it were such a shattering revelation, how come we don’t know this?

    You do now! But a constant underlying theme of my rambling is that this has, of course, already been noticed. Long ago.

    As the number 81 (9 squared) appears in many physics field equations (Einstein included) this lends force to the possibility that this number betrays some hidden underlying order.

    By reciprocating it you have seen that it generated the base 10 (decimal) sequence of numbers, of which 9 is the highest. 9 squared is 81.

    Why should the relative mass of the Moon, when compared to Earth, compute as a decimal sequence? Indeed, THE decimal sequence. I won’t begin to try to explain. Just accept that it does and know that the missing 8 (if you do the math on your calculator) is actually there. (If you calculate it in binary, it proves out in an amazing and revelatory way.)

    Let’s return to the Earth/Moon reciprocal lock number 2732. We know that 366 is the number of days in a sidereal year, so focus now on its reciprocal value 2732. Remember, the decimal points and zeros are removed because these are only indicators of Scale. The numbers work on all scales. What is 2732?
    Recall 27.32 is the number of days in a sidereal month.

    But by sheer coincidence it is also:

    Absolute Zero: Minus 273.2 degrees CELSIUS (Decimal scale! Base 10)
    The lowest temperature in the universe at which all matter ceases to vibrate. It is the ‘Zero’ point of our reality, as measured on a decimal scale.

    The Mean Statistical Gestation Period of a Human Child: 273.2 days! (10 Sidereal Months)

    Statistical Average Female Hormone Cycle (Menstrual Cycle) 27.3 (2?) days!

    What you see here is the resonance between the orbit of the Moon and human life cycles!

    And if you are still confused, simple geometry adds another ‘resonance’ just to make the picture a little more clear.
    Ratio Pi: 4 = 1.2732
    The Moons acceleration relative to earth is 0.273 x cm/second squared
    Oh, and the Moon is 0.272 Earth radii…but guess what. That measurement has a margin of error which includes .2732!

    Note how Pi, the constant of 3 dimensional (Euclidean) geometry, as a proportion of 4, reveals the same 2732 constant ‘harmonic’. This harmonic is nothing less than the Trans-dimensional Constant of the Universe!

    If this seems unimportant, consider this.

    Knowledge of Pi and other constants has enabled construction, architecture and advanced mathematics to flourish so far that it is today, arguably, the basis of our entire civilisation and technology. Imagine what might be achieved by understanding the geometry of our 4 Dimensional reality by way of this ‘new’ ‘trans-dimensional’ constant.

    Now imagine what has already been achieved. Most of our known technology is a dumbed down spin off from more advanced military and space research.

    Pi is, of course, a Universal Constant which applies to all circles/orbits. It is little understood but I hope to cast light on it as we progress. It’s an ‘Irrational’ number. 3.141…..the decimal places go on to infinity. It has no ‘solution’.

    For now, though, realise that 2732 itself is nothing less than an undiscovered (?) universal constant! You may begin to realise why they do not wish it to be highlighted and taught.

    If you are able to meditate, do so upon these numbers and you may just experience a revelation. If you are not, learn.

    You have seen how the series of whole numbers represents the expansion of electromagnetic forces in 4Space, and the reciprocal series its path through 3Space.
    The former is digital. The latter, analogue

    The geometry of the number 81 has some connection with Mass itself insofar as it seems to define a ratio between a planet and its moon, in 4Space, which encode for sentient life on the parent planet. 81 is 3 to the power 4!

    And its reciprocal reflection is the decimal series 0-9 (including a strange quirk around the apparently ‘missing’ 8 in the series! I’ll return to this later, but wonder if a reader can see what the number 8 may ‘generate’?)

    If this all has something to do with Mass, it makes sense to take a look at Mass in nature. Matter! What do you think you might find?

    One of the great questions in Physics is ‘why are there only ever a maximum of 10 isotopes of any element?’

    If you look at the Table of Elements there appear to be way in excess of 100. But look closer and you will find that many of these are unstable elements. That is, they only exist momentarily before radiating themselves out of existence.

    There are 81 stable, naturally existing, elements in Nature. The Periodic table shows 83, but 2 of these are not naturally stable at all. And when you ask a Professor why they are shown, they simply don’t know. They have never thought about it.

    There are 81 elements. The isotope variations, as they decrease in density, (and therefore Mass!) can only ever reach the reciprocal of the Key Note/Number 81.

    This is WHY there can only be a maximum of 10 isotopes!

    If you can visualise this, you have just unified Chemistry and Physics at the point of source. Zero point.

    If I could express the picture in words it would go something like this:
    “1/81 establishes the infinite decimal base upon which 4Space is structured to be ‘self containing’ by reciprocation into 3 dimensions.”

    The 81 elements consist of 4 groups of 20, each containing 19 elements of one type plus 1 of another. 19 is, of course, what you have left after you subtract 81 from 100! The basic unit is Hydrogen, the first element.
    Its ‘atomic weight’ is 1. Unity. The basic construct of water. You!
    Science gives no answer concerning its life sustaining properties.
    Or any of them actually!

    And this is where the picture takes on a further dimension. Now that we have a structure for the matrix that underlies zero point, and which contains our reality, we can focus a little closer on the miracle that arises from it. Sentient life.

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Strive for brevity. Offer aspirin to your audience.

  • fukitol

    I enjoyed the 3 episode documentary 'The Code' by mathematician Marcus du Sautoy but this takes it to another level, sort of.

  • atomant

    Yep interesting stuff.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I disagree; it is not "interesting stuff" it is numerical pareidolia.

    You're looking at a collection of numbers and seeing faces in them. Invisible, imaginary faces.

  • shepherdless

    Spot on, Nathan. It reminds me of pyramidology.

    The OP's article also contains some factual and mathematical errors.

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    I wasn't going to read this at first but glad I did. It is interesting.

  • EndofMysteries

    Also the link in OP is wrong.

  • atomant

    Sorry endofmysteries the information l researched can be found at


  • EndofMysteries

    Don't see anything there. Link the actual page cause can't search a whole website. But I did find this which ties in what you posted.

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