What Type of Future do YOU look forward to?

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  • Revealed

    Only ONE BOOK explains how we happened to be...

  • truth_b_known
    Do you believe you've been created or evolved?

    Evolution is accepted as true by the Catholic Church because evolution has nothing to do with origin. Evolution is a process that takes place after life comes into being. I believe the question being asked is -

    "Do you believe in the Biblical creation or do you believe in abiogenesis?"

    The Bible is not the only faith based source of a creation account. The Hindu creation cosmology is more in line with science, especially quantum physics.

    Men have been around for thousands (if not MILLIONS) of years, but is not EVOLVING.

    Modern Homo Sapiens have walked the Earth for around 150,000 years. Homo Sapiens continued evolution would be like its previous evolution - extremely slow, to the point that a person would not be able to observe it in a life time.

    Here are 5 examples of continued human evolution -


    5 Signs Humans Are Still Evolving

    • Humans drink milk. Historically, the gene that regulated humans' ability to digest lactose shut down as we were weaned off our mothers' breast milk.
    • We're losing our wisdom teeth.
    • We're resisting infectious diseases.
    • Our brains are shrinking.
    • Some of us have blue eyes.
  • Revealed

    FFG, you have been listening to opinons....

  • Revealed

    TBK- I mean evolution n the broadest sense of the word (few know of Abiogenesis).

    And SERIOUS???? The Hindu account is FULL of holes and fantasy!

  • truth_b_known

    Nobel Laurette Robert Penrose came up with the theory called the “conformal cyclic cosmology” which postulates that the universe goes through infinite cycles where Big Bang is the birth of a new universe. Radiation emitted from black holes, called "Hawking Radiation", is evidence of the previous universe. This constant renewal of the Universe is in line with the Hindu creation story of Brahma who -

    Brhadaryanka Upanishad 1.4: the world is said to have come into existence because the Primeval One, having become bored being the only being in existence, split Itself into a variety of forms and manifestations (i.e., the material world and all of its beings) so that, through them, It could experience a loving and playful relationship with Itself.

    In short, we and everything are one - Brahma. The point of life is realizing this. However, there is a time limit to each "game" and Shiva destroys the Universe at the end of the time limit. Then the whole game is reset - a new Universe.

    In addition, quantum physics shows us there is no Newtonian, dualistic universe. All things are made of matter. Matter, atoms, are made of energy. Therefor, all things are energy. Energy cannot be divided nor can it be destroyed. Energy can only be transformed. So, in short, we are all connected with everything or as Hindus put is - all is Brahma.

    On the other hand we have "In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth." How? Why? Neither are explained. YHWH just willed everything into existence. Light/daytime is created on Earth before the Sun is created. That's how Genesis Chapter 1 has recorded creation.

  • Revealed

    I studied Hindu writings before I came to the Bible. Utter nonsense.

    Jehovah isn't going to destroy the universe- but He's in going to "Make things NEW" as regard the Earth.

  • truth_b_known

    Nothing that can change is eternal.

  • LongHairGal


    I think a lot of Witnesses ‘dread’ the future. You seem to be hooked on ‘how we got here’. I don’t much care. I just know I’m here.

    I am very grateful and take one day at a time and try to enjoy the present.

  • Revealed

    I LOOK FORWARD to it! And how we got here is of UTMOST importance!

  • JoenB75

    A Christian should not fear the future or look only to the future, except under persecution of course. A Christian is supposed to reign spiritually with Jesus (Revelation 1:6).

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