Kingdom hall cleaning

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  • Praotes1914

    Good idea Not Former. I need to write a book :) if you watch the video below, that’s my mother and grandmother that are that are in it. If you go and watch the video on YouTube itself and you click on the more section of the description I got a whole story in there about my father and my grandmother and me getting kicked out, etc. Don’t forget to like and subscribe! I know I can’t sing so I need somebody to re-record the classic JW song. Besides the bad singing, let me know what you think about my story in the video.

    [video removed]

  • Simon

    Please don't spam the site with your videos.

  • Diogenesister
    I was always assigned to lawn care, so it was a thrill driving a ride-on lawn mower and 15/16 years old. After the clean, we would all go to Pizza Hut (back when Pizza Hut had that buffet and personal pan pizzas served on the skillet pan thing),

    Nice! ;)

  • Praotes1914

    Simon, oops, sorry that double post was an accident. I thought my other videos were on topic maybe not close enough huh? I guess I need to study your terms of service more closely. I was simply trying to give the XJW’s on here nice little short videos they could send to those who are doubting the organization.

    There’s so much content on the Internet that is so offensive and negative that I tried to make my videos, very informational and objective. But if it’s against the rules to post your own stuff, I understand. if you don’t want me to post any videos on here I’ll comply, just tell me so.

    Honestly, I’m just trying to help the cause. But as a newbie to posting I guess I stepped over the line? I really love your site because it’s not monetized. I will never monetize my videos if that makes you feel any better. In fact I’ll crawl back in my hole if requested. Just give me the word.

    And I was wanting some feedback to make these videos more effective to help people get out of the cult. But I understand that you’ve done more to help the cause then anybody else in here so I got a respect you and what your opinion is. If you can educate me briefly on the rules, i’ll try to comply.

    I was genuinely excited to present my family story because I thought people would be interested and it would help those who want to get out of the cult. But if you really want me to leave, I’ll do that too.

    I know there are some YouTube creators that are charging a $10 a month subscription and I don’t really want to be associated with them so I came on here Simon. Please educate me on how I can do better and if you think my videos suck, tell me so and I’ll try to re-cut them and improve them. I say these things with all sincerity. thank you for having the site.

  • Praotes1914

    Dear Simon

    I think you’re playing into the narrative that the Jehovah’s Witness organization preaches that apostates are argumentative, secretive, territorial, and just plain assholes.

    I was asked by a poster to present my story and I did it in video form. Is that a problem I was trying to establish my credentials. I was baptized in the 1970s.

    What exactly are your personal credentials? Were you ever an elder? Why don’t you inform us all why you pulled such an attitude on me and made the nasty little move of removing perfectly legitimate videos that are helpful to the cause I mean, what’s your real agenda?

  • Praotes1914

    Dear Simon

    I ask you two questions both of which you ignored or are unable to answer. 1) What’s up with the screwball avatar function that doesn’t work? And what’s with the server error 404?

    Are you really a genuine, apostate, meaning someone who denies the Christ who once believed in him? If you’re really someone who once believed in Jesus, then I really shouldn’t be speaking to you anyways, former brother.

    And what’s with the takedown the hit job on Lloyd Evans? Are you of the opinion that Jesus sacrifice can’t cover a sinner like Lloyd Evans?

    Jesus did after all associate with people who used prostitutes. And guess what his sacrifice will even cover you with whatever you’re hiding in the closet.

    If you can’t forgive Evans as Jesus already has then I have to assume you’re amoral yourself. So why don’t you inform us all if you’ve denied the Christ when you once believed in him? If so, I’m out of here :)

  • Simon

    I have a simple rule: if someone appears and immediately starts causing multiple issues, I don't tolerate them for long.

    You made wild accusations about being hacked, suggesting it was linked to this site.

    You spammed multiple topics with unrelated videos, to promote your own YouTube channel.

    You accuse me of having some agenda, and working with the WTS

    You accuse me of the exJW classic "being like an elder" because I didn't reply within minutes.

    You criticize my work, just because one unimportant feature didn't work for you

    You accuse me of being amoral with absolutely zero reason, simply because I don't excuse someone else's immorality and abhorrent treatment of his wife.

    The only thing you got right is that I "deny Christ's sacrifice", because I think he's an invention. And you don't seem to understand your own fairy stories - he may have associated with ex-prostitutes, but he didn't sleep around with them did he? So your comparison is BS. The only forgiveness that matters is that of people who have been wronged or harmed by someone, not some imaginary story character. But you have to forgive me for everything, or else you're a hypocrite according to your own rules. Checkmate.

    Fuck off.

  • TonusOH
    Are you of the opinion that Jesus sacrifice can’t cover a sinner like Lloyd Evans?

    Even a god can only do so much.

  • FedUpJW

    The elduh's always managed to do the least amount of work. Kids dusting, and of course the 'sisters' had to do the only thing they were JW qualified for and scrub the toilets. I remember my mother one time voicing her displeasure at the consistent puddles of urine on the floor under the men's urinal and all around the sit down toilet, including on the wall beside it. I made a cardboard sign and taped it to the wall which said, "Brothers, if your hose is short and your pump is weak stand close or you'll piss on your feet!" It was ripped off the wall almost immediately. But at least I had a laugh, BITD.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Lloyd Evans said he went to prostitutes, just not in Thailand, then he said that he did, and then changed course again said he only dated a sex worker.

    There is no evidence that Jesus associated with people who dated sex workers.

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