Got my elders visit yesterday...

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  • meat pie
    meat pie

    I've been off-line for a bit, broken what-not in the computer,just got back on so I thought I'd tell you what happened yesterday.Elder D rang to ask if 'we' could visit, OK says I, the other is the old MS who I studied with. Meantime I'd got my file on UN/WTS ready(it's been ready for ages) and primed Husband to witness the entertainment.This went on for about an hour and a half.I was utterly in control of myself and the entire interrogation(me of them).Neither of them would look at any of my evidence of the WT's blasphemous hypocrisy, so I read it out to them,(You come to my house so I'm going to tell you this) They tried to wriggle their way out but I wanted them to admit their weakness. I really let them have it.They parried I thrusted. MS tried to say The Good news wasn't for clever ones.I said I thought God wanted everyone, people with integrity, people with a conscience, people who were in possession of the facts etc.I told Elder D what I thought about his adult son repeatedly stealing from the contributions, and how that sort of corruption goes all the way to Crooklyn.I could go on but I'm sure you get the picture. After, I felt CLEANSED, like lancing a boil. Now I expect the DF phone call, fortunately for me I don't care anymore.

    Thanx for letting me get this all out.PHEW!


  • jgnat

    So "meek ones" is synonymous with "brain dead", then? Only fools left to inherit the earth, huh? I think these home visits are taking their toll on the elders. It will be interesting to see if headquarters sends them out again next spring.

  • slipnslidemaster

    Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don't expect a DF phone call! Who cares? You? Me? Disfellowshipping means what? Put it out of your head and live now!!!



  • Dansk

    Well, you really did have meat in your pie! Well done, serves them right.

    That's the ticket, don't worry about them. They have no hold over you now and so enjoy your freedom with your husband and family.


  • rocketman

    meat pie, I agree with jgnat, the MS's comment was ridiculous, and yeah, they want you brain dead so that you just follow along unquestioningly. You were obviously well-prepared. Keep us updated if anything happens please, if you can.

  • SloBoy

    As has been said before.......what the WBTS fears the most is a BALANCED, INFORMED, EX- Jehovah's Witness......carry on you brave ones!!

  • obiwan

    That's the thing with those "visits" as long as you let them control the situation and you then your a follower ( translation brain dead ). I think it's just awesome that you put it to the man.

  • Jesika

    Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am happy for you, you took your power back!

    Now don't look back and enjoy your life!!!!!!!!!!!


  • BadJerry

    Good For You

    but as much as one does this

    from imanaliento, loging on hubbys ID because I can't yet.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    meat pie ; so you gave them a taste of their own medicine. you never let them out of the box for and hour and half.. wow.sounds like you put their heads in a vise... pressure pressure. i would have payed to see the steam coming out of their ears, with each turn of the screw !!! when they call you again ,ask them have they done the research on the points you brought up . when they say no . tell them only to call you when they have looked up all the facts. till then they are speaking presumptuosly in the name of god. when you know what you are talking about then we can talk. have a nice day ...... have fun john

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