My Father has brandished me with the "APOSTATE" word for talking about the BIBLE!

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  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Sadly, your father is STILL more progressive and open-minded than my mother (AKA Dragon Lady).

  • redvip2000
    'blah, blah, blah we're the only ones going door to door and restoring God's true name"
    OK, that's works, not fruits. Blessed works produce good fruits. What are the fruits?
    Ironically, in light of these works, one of the fruits should be a boost in membership over the last 100 years. But yet, only a meager 8 million people. Even the mormons have almost double that number in the same amount of time doing their works.
  • joe134cd

    Redvip = I hear this over and over again. Please be aware that Mormons have a totally different method of counting. For example it is estimated that there could be about 5 million active Mormons. If you consider that just recently the lds general conference (comparible to jw memorial)was attended by 16 mill and jw memorial had 20 mill. Also bear in mind lds has been around a lot longer than jws.

  • jp1692

    Stuck, Cognitive dissonance is strong in your father, as it is in most cult members. That's why they stay: they can't admit to themselves they--or their beloved cult--is wrong about anything.

  • honest

    I am sorry. I understand your pain. I am merely inactive and don't actively talk about the Jehovahs witnesses. Yet because I disagreed with their child abuse policies, apparently that makes me a apostate. Sigh......

  • stuckinarut2

    Thanks everyone!

    Yes, Honest, a few years back when the ARC occurred I raised that topic with my father in a calm way.

    I also asked if he as an elder had ever had a case of child abuse occur in his flock. He replied "Yes".

    So I calmly asked him if he or any of the other elders reported it to the authorities.

    He got irate and said "It is not our place to do that!"

    He then made a comment about my "negativity toward the Truth". So I guess he has been thinking of me as "apostate" for some time!

  • jp1692

    Uh, who is it that has "negativity toward the truth"?

    Your father doth protest too much, methinks.

  • respectful_observer
    So I calmly asked him if he or any of the other elders reported it to the authorities.
    He got irate and said "It is not our place to do that!"

    I asked my elder father than same question and he had the same response. So I asked him, "what if 10-year old Jimmy living next door told you he was being abused, would you call the police?"

    His response: "Well, uh, um, ah...that's different."

  • Vidiot
    stuckinarut2 - "...what does this section teach about Jehovah's personality?..."

    His attitude towards child abuse and incest.

    Which, given what we know about the GB and the WTS, explains a lot.

  • stuckinarut2

    SPOT ON Vidiot!

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