Do JWs Regard You As An APOSTATE?

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  • Scully

    I'm in the who-cares-what-they-think? camp.

    That said, I have been interviewed by the local newspaper, and my name has been published, in relation to the sexual abuse issue within the Organizationā„¢. It wouldn't surprise me if they thought of me as an Apostateā„¢. I've also made it clear that my inactivity from the JWs was not over this matter [though it was the absolute deal breaker in our decision to NEVER go back], but over the abominable way the local JWs treated me when I was coping with mental illness (postpartum depression), which was a definite Stumbling Blockā„¢ for me and Mr Scully.

  • Hairtrigger


    ..."I was born a Catholic and left it..."

    Ditto. At age 19...

    Became a JW 30 years later... fast forward 7 years and realized the bible was a book of lies and the GB was it's incestuous pit of corrupt philosophy and predetorial charlatans masquerading as the answer to all of man's problems.

    Why it took me 7 years to see through them is a mystery to me...No not so. Information about them only became available to me 3 years into my sojourn as a JW.

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    After 40 years in the cult + 3 years of inactivity, I have decided two years ago to officially dissociate myself from JW cult for conscience and personal reasons. JWs can regard me just as they want to, I really do no care. Communication is permanently broken off between them and me, same between me and them.Even if some family members are now shunning me, why should I now be affected by the way that brainwashed people are considering me ?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i bloody well hope so--ive worked at it long and hard

  • JeffT

    I know we were considered apostates when we left in 1989. The thirty page letter we sent them probably tipped them off. At this point, I'd be surprised if any of them even remember us. We moved a few years after we DA'd.

  • 3rdgen

    I have no way of knowing since no JW, not even relatives, will speak to me.

    Not DFed, not DAed, No negative comments on social media, Simply inactive.

  • jp1692

    How would I know? Why should I care?

    Like 3rdgen, I am techically "In Good Standing," not DFed, not DAed, no negative comments on social media. I am just "inactive" according to their very stupidly narrow and limiting terminology. (I am in fact very ACTIVE living life, just not according to WT dictates).

    One thing IS clear: they don't care about me at all. So I think it's only fair that I return the favor.

  • stillin

    I am an oxymoron. I'm an "inactive publisher."

    That said, people wonder what my "problem" is and I like it like that. Maybe they will figure out what their "problem" is.

  • sparrowdown

    Don't know they don't talk to me.

    I am not DFd or DAd just inactive but still they shun.

  • carla

    You guys don't want that label but I do. Technically, never being a jw I don't get the label. For awhile, long ago, they wouldn't leave me alone so I asked my jw if I could join just so I could quit and get the label so they would stay away from me! lol, he wouldn't go for that.

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