Marriage Proposal in the Kingdom Hall

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  • Simon

    Looks like it was maybe some rehersal for a meeting part - it would explain the few people there.

    Why does everyong have to be so mean and bitter?

    Why can't people just wish the couple the very best future possible ...

  • Tara N Seals
    Tara N Seals

    The language seems to be Hungarian.

    May they be blessed with long life and prosperity.

  • AverageJoe1

    Plus the girl in the green dress is gorgeous!

  • ttdtt


  • Londo111

    Deletions would seem inevitable.

  • Finkelstein

    ........and you know that it will be happy successful marriage being that the proposal was done in a blessed house of the lord.

  • steve2

    YouTube videos elicit a wide range of responses. At one level I am happy for the couple (God knows there's enough negativity about JWs being miserable and joyless) - yet on another level this is the sort of thing that JWs themselves would have once heaped scorn upon the churches of Christendom for using churches for non-worship-based celebrations - perhaps the two exceptions being marriages and funerals.

    I recall my own maternal grandparents making in very clear that in the service of Jehovah there is no room for focusing on individuals and drawing attention to oneself. But hey, if this is part of JWs becoming more flexible in their use of kingdom halls, bring it on.

  • millie210

    I think that is the point Steve,

    No one wishes the young couple anything but the best but the double standard of what the Kingdom Hall can be used for and not used for strikes a chord in any of us who grew up under the super strict rules of music and behaviors allowed in the Hall.

  • careful

    Given that WT versions of rock music are now OK, who knows what the current GB would allow? I wouldn't be surprised if using the KH for this sort of thing would be held out as a "privilege" to "loyal ones" now. Whatever the case, I wish the young couple well, as all should do. They're in love and are happy with each other. That's the important thing.

  • scotsman

    The song is Christian Dedication: I can still recall the lyrics even though it's more than 16yrs since I heard them.

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