Marriage Proposal in the Kingdom Hall

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  • ToesUp

    We were not even allowed to play a "worldly" song at our wedding without a disapproving look. I guess if they are line dancing at the Kingdom Halls and playing rock music and dancing at the Assembly Halls now, why not.

    My two cents....they should have just said their vows right then and there. They had everyone there and were at the KH. Sure would have saved a lot of money. lol

  • scratchme1010

    How romantic.

  • tiki

    Hope they put up the wedding night video....wonder if theyll let the audience and emcee show in that one too....

  • steve2

    Some surprise when she happened to have a ring for him.

  • Chook

    It seems like a good execution for a disassociation outline , I just think the congratulations might dissolve.

  • pale.emperor
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Very nice....who could find fault really ? It does seem a bit ironic when we all know that in the past, this sort of thing wasn't allowed because it wasn't following the societies typical arrangement. Jehovah's house was a place of pure worship and not for use for our personal affairs and kingdom songs were said to be prayers to Jehovah rather than for use as way to woo your girl friend into saying yes to a marriage proposal so that you can later post it on the scary awful internet.

    I'm sure if a young brother asked any of our local elders if they could use the hall to propose to his girlfriend, there would be a review of the couples "standing" in the congregation, are they regular in field service? Are they setting a fine example? Of course there would be a mandatory cross check of several decades worth of watchtower magazines to see what precedents had already been set and a call or two would have to be made to HQ back in New York.

    Anyway, since the groom to be, invited a bunch of onlookers to witness his proposal and he filmed if for Youtube, I'm glad she said yes ! It would have been embarrassing if she'd have turned him down flat. Who knows...maybe she did later when they were alone.

  • millie210

    Nice that they felt free to throw in some Mendelssohn there in the Kingdom Hall.

    That would have never been allowed just a few years ago.

  • blondie

    I doubt that the CO will find this "cute" any more than jws using the KH for an anniversary party.

  • Listener

    It's not likely that the CO would approve and heads will roll, leaving a sour note to the couples upcoming wedding. It's ridiculous that something so innocent and with the purest of intentions has the potential of being treated like it was some sort of sin or at best, disrespectful.

    There was a little boy happily running through the hall towards the start and you could see him being told off because his composure changed, that was ironic given what was about to take place.

    There's no heart with this organisation. The Halls would make an ideal wedding reception venue for many poor and struggling couples or families.

    Jesus himself help to provide at a wedding feast by turning water into wine.

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