A Child Molestor Wins Best Director....WoW

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  • joannadandy

    I was a little surprised myself they gave him a standing ovation.

    I haven't seen the Pianist, so I don't know how "wonderful" it is. I am a little torn. The artist in me says, good art is good art, and deserves recognition. The cynic in me knows this is the oscars, and more often than not, it is not the good art that wins, but the hollywood favorites who have paid their dues and kissed the appropriate amount of ass, and have a long history with the industry, be it personal or just family.The moralist in me says if we treat other average run of the mill sex offenders and child abusers like dirt and don't give them the time of day, why should we pour accolades on a sex offender who got away with it?

    To the poster (sorry I forgot who said it) who said "it's in the past--let it go"

    Are you equally forgiving of other non-famous sex offenders? How about the ones who are registered and living in your area? I mean if it's in the past, maybe you should invite the pour souls over for dinner?

    Better yet, how do you feel about R. Kelly? The man who had sex with several girls all under age, and videotaped them all, and admitted that he prefers sex with underage girls because they are "better"...whatever that means. I'm sure as soon as he is relased from prision we should all forgive him and make sure our kids buy all his albums, which were largely targeted to young teens (Space Jam Soundtrack comes to mind).

  • sandy

    I too think it is really sad that this man was nominated and very upset when he won last night. So what if his film is remarkable. He is a criminal and the sickest of them in my opinion. He should not have been awarded.

    The girl that he raped was on Larry king and she said she forgave him and wanted everyone else to forgive him too. She said he fled the country because he was offered a deal here in the US but then found out the Judge was going to screw him over.

    Like if that matters! If he were any kind of a real man and was truly sorry for what he did he would have stayed here and taken his punishment.

  • berten

    And are you all just as upset with your president ordering bombardments

    on a city with dead and wounded children as result?

  • scotsman

    He got the Oscar for his art not the rape.

    When you look paintings or sculpture, listen to classical music or read poetry do you cease to appreciate it because the artist had sex with a minor? Maybe we should remove the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

  • wasasister


    Talk about changing the subject! One has absolutely NOTHING to do with the other.

    Do you have an opinion on Polanski's award or not?

  • berten

    >Talk about changing the subject! One has absolutely NOTHING to do with the other.

    OK,if you say so.I just find it hypocritical.

    >Do you have an opinion on Polanski's award or not?

    Oh,you want my opinion?
    And if I say he deserves his award,am I taking the side
    of a child molestor then?
    And if I say he does not,am I a good boy then?

  • teenyuck

    Roman Polanski seems to have a thing, just like R.Kelly for girls....not young women, girls.

    As suggested, invite him over and let him hang with your teenage daughter or sister.

    John Wayne Gacy did some wonderful artwork while in prison for raping, molesting, murdering and burying his victims.

    Comparing the middle ages (or the middle east) to now does not hold water. What was legal then is not legal now....at least in most of the US...(Parts of Utah, Appilacia and the deep South )

    In some countries it is legal to marry and have sex with girls 10 years old. Does that make it acceptable in our society?

    If I knew an artist had committed and been convicted of a crime, I would not support their efforts. If said artist runs from prosecution (the Judge tried to screw him? What if he were a JW elder?), he should not expect to be rewarded until he pays his dues to society and the victim for his crime.

    PS...Berten, this has NOTHING to do with Iraq

  • berten

    >PS...Berten, this has NOTHING to do with Iraq...

    Fine,whatever,if you so insist.But are *you* just as upset
    with what happens in Baghdad to children over there,
    as you are with what happened several years ago to one kid?

    Don't bother to answer,
    it has NOTHING to do with Iraq,
    i know...

  • teenyuck

    There are some really good philosophy and logic classes that you can take to clear up your confusion.

    To simplify it: 1 + 1 = 2

  • dubla
    And are you all just as upset with your president ordering bombardments

    on a city with dead and wounded children as result?

    its no wonder simon is sick of the war talk when weve got people on here hell bent on making every topic about the war. aa

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