WTS Throws Hail Mary Pass with Major Paradigm Shift

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  • Socrateswannabe

    Let me begin by stating that I have no insider information, this is merely my observation. I believe that some time ago in Watchtower Land, somebody at HQ posed these questions (probably an outside consultant because I don't think the GB is this hip):

    What would happen if we cut in half the average age of the responsible brothers in the organization? What if the average age of an elder was under 30 instead of 60 and real standouts would be appointed in their early 20's? What if circuit overseers were in their early 30's instead of 70's? What if the RBC was no longer a good ole boy's club but instead composed of a bunch of hardworking young singles and couples (now the LDC)?

    And I think the answer was:

    1. It would help them to win back the young people because young people would be running the show

    2. Their costs (for Bethelites and anyone else in special full time service) would go down because of lower medical expense

    3. They would have more control (you can't teach an old dog new tricks but a young puppy will do anything you tell him to)

    I don't know how much resistance this met when it was first hashed out but to my thinking the idea won out. Has anyone else noticed the shift toward youth in the organization in the past two or three years? It has been pronounced and is no accident but a well thought out, albeit last ditch effort, toward long term survival of the organization.

  • LostGeneration

    Over the years I've heard speculation that maybe they've consulted outside the religion for any number of things.

    After watching this clown show evolve into ever greater stupidity over the last decade, I have no reason to believe that anyone other than the insulated fools at the top continue to call the shots. They are a random group of seven high school graduates who suddenly have massive power in their golden years - with zero talent to back it up. Its a sinking ship, slowly sinking I'll admit, but sinking nevertheless.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    I read somewhere on here that they have in fact consulted with outside sources over the last 5 years.
  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    All possibilities, but in the congregations I am still familiar with, they can't get the younger brothers to do anything and the majority of the middle aged brothers are worse. More interested in material things and doing the minimum to keep the ancient elders off their back. But I am in California and in Los Angeles. We are modern day Sodom and Gomorrah according to Brooklyn.
  • Dunedain

    If this is/was their game plan, well its doomed to fail. As others have said, they are having a HUGE problem finding younger "qualified" "brothers", to even pursue privileges, let alone become Elders.

    The WTS is doomed. They are swirling the rim of the toilet, as we speak. The possible younger, intelligent, born ins, that would have been the perfect age NOW, to be stepping up and filling in all the needed positions, were kicked out, or DF'd YEARS ago, in the mid to late 90's.

    The mid to late 90's, had a very hard lined, heavy handed, organisation. The WTS was told from the top, to "purge", and the numbers spoke volumes. Thousands of "born-in", from the 75 generation era, were reaching their teens, and early 20's, at that time, and they were DF'd by the thousands. In thru the front door, and out by JC, thru the back door.

    The BORG, is suffering NOW, for their FAILED policies of intolerance, and lack of forgiveness, to their own members children. The potential "cream" was pushed out, and have never looked back. The ORG was left with the, bitter, older parents of these DF'd children, and a whole missing generation of potential.

    Many of us here, on this board, right now, were "victims" of the harsh, judgemental, policies of those days. Looking back, they DID us all a favor, for sure, but it was still very hurtful. The WTS, is now 20 years removed from that, and have been in decline, since then. We are now witnessing, its end.

  • freddo

    In the UK and other "western" countries I believe that kicking the "middle aged, less useful" bethelites out will give some struggling congs a little boost in numbers of elders/pioneers this year; but as reality sets in and they realise they have been sent out to "kept warm and well fed" many of them will be ticking time bombs in their halls.

    They will either dig in deeper and show the younger ones what fruitcakes they are or they will be bitter and twisted as they try to get menial jobs in the local economy. Either way they will not truly serve the brothers and sisters in their new halls but either - quite understandably - look after themselves or become even bigger robots for the borg.

    It will be interesting and to those with loved ones still in, not a little frightening.

    But it gives us another opportunity to break through to the "real" person behind the cult facade.

  • berrygerry

    They have definitely consulted for a number of changes - whether Dub consultants or outside, they are not just talking to Bethel ladder-climbers.

    Their online strategy has been good. However, online success is measured by sales, not by number of languages. So, their website is successful in a sense, but not in reality.

    Metro witnessing and Ipad-video showings seem to be ideas from old-timers reminiscing about the good old days of Rutherford. Rutherford's growth came from selling his ideas to a world in, not just a recession, but the Great Depression, followed by WW II. Not only is today's world not Rutherford's world economically, it is a far, far different world socially.

    Lastly, as has been posted here many times, the only growth has been in impoverished countries (I note that almost all Youtube comment apologists, who have photos, are black). As noted in the Tanzania post, WT cannot afford any more loss-leaders.

    Giving "privileges" to the young as a cult-carrot? Might work for some, but not for a lifetime IMO.

  • Crazyguy
    They can't get back the feeling that the end is so close because all those people that we're born in 1900 are so old. Their becoming less and less relavent to the rank and file and I think it's becoming easier for people to leave as well.
  • berrygerry

    They can't get back the feeling that the end is so close because all those people that we're born in 1900 are so old. Their becoming less and less relavent to the rank and file and I think it's becoming easier for people to leave as well.

    Stumbled on this while looking for info for another thread.

    Apr 15, 1996 WT

    Article - Increasing Incidence of Bad News

    Heading - Escalation in Recent Years

    So while it is true that bad news has been a fact of life throughout recorded history, recent decades of this 20th century give evidence that bad news is on the increase, indeed it is escalating rapidly.

    Undoubtedly, war news has been the worst kind of bad news our present century has heard. The two greatest wars in history—aptly called World War I and World War II—certainly saw bad news reported on a horrendous scale. But that really has only been a fraction of the bad news this unhappy century has furnished.

    Consider just a few headlines selected at random:
    September 1, 1923: Quake razes Tokyo—300,000 dead; September 20, 1931: Crisis—Britain devalues the pound; June 25, 1950: North Korea marches into the South; October 26, 1956: Hungarians rise against Soviet rule; November 22, 1963: John Kennedy is shot dead in Dallas; August 21, 1968: Russian tanks roll in to crush the Prague uprising; September 12, 1970: Hijacked jets blown up in the desert; December 25, 1974: Cyclone Tracy flattens Darwin—66 die; April 17, 1975: Cambodia falls to Communist forces; November 18, 1978: Mass suicide in Guyana; October 31, 1984: Mrs. Gandhi shot dead; January 28, 1986: Space shuttle explodes on takeoff; April 26, 1986: Soviet reactor is on fire; October 19, 1987: Bottom falls out of the stock market; March 25, 1989: Alaska hit by oil spill; June 4, 1989: Troops massacre protesters in Tiananmen Square.

    Yes, history shows that bad news has always been plentiful, while good news has been comparatively scarce. As bad news has escalated in recent decades, good news has diminished as each year goes by.

    Why should this be? Will it always be so?

    The next article will address these two questions.

    When all of the factors that indicate increase / decrease of civilization are not just observable, but readily searchable, it is impossible to get away with trying to exploit the Bad News Everywhere card as they did in the past.

    (That having been said, many of those references in 1996 are very lame by most people's standards - eg. 1931: Crisis—Britain devalues the pound - SERIOUSLY?.)

  • sparrowdown

    Because WT are such spin doctors and masters in the art of misdirection it's difficult to know what they are up to, and what their intention is. I believe there is more design than accident in all their actions.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they sent up multiple false flag events to distract from what they are really doing.

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