This convention talk offended me

by Isambard Crater 26 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • scratchme1010

    Nothing new, Isambard Crater. The number one thing that Christian religions do is always position themselves in a victim role. Everything bad "happens" to them. This is the simplest, oldest and most reliable way of manipulating people.

    The fact that you find it offensive is a great sign of you having a better mindset and attitude. Did you look around or heard people's comments on that talk? I'm sure that 'offensive' wasn't the word that they were using to characterize it.

  • Listener

    Apparently their Convention theme applied to God as well -

    Don't Give Up Jehovah

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I does seem that Jehovah is in his dotage, never seems to get any prophecies right.

  • blownaway

    That part about would you be here if the end came thirty years ago is BS. This if true would always be the case. There would always be some one who would not be here no matter when it would come. This is going along with the idea they are correct which they are patently not.

  • venus

    A God choosing to please the rebellious one is the imagination of human writers. A God who is all-wise and almighty can never find Himself in any enduring situation. Some Bible writers have no idea about an enduring God (Psalm 17:15; Rom 8:23; Ps 32:11; Psalm 16:11; 34:8)

  • blownaway

    It also reminds me of a child's book. Jehovah, the little go who could.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    Kinda hard to reproach a name that no one actually knows how to pronounce.

    Oh, and Jehoober watches genetic defects happen in humans, that must be tough. The "removing of perfection" ramifications was totally under his control, thus making him completely and solely responsible for things like Down syndrome. I guess his guilt must be pretty rough on himself as well.

  • ttdtt

    What a joke.

  • WTWizard

    What offends me is when they give talks designed for damnation of souls, and force people to abide by them. Suffering being a virtue is one example--it programs the soul to seek suffering, and it will find it. Being rich is viewed as a sign of unfaithfulness, and such people are expected to throw away all the wealth they earned. What does this do to the soul? Or, ballyhooing anyone that has endured persecution, joblessness, or sickness for joke-hova's sake. Those souls are programmed to seek out suffering, and will ultimately find needless stupid hardship. To me, that is offensive.

    We need joke-hova? About like I need another hole in my head--the ones I have are the ones that serve any useful purpose, and I do not need another one. I would laugh if joke-hova's filthy angels all got bound by the Demons. Those angels are good for nothing other than enslaving the whole human race, and enforcing all the taboos against rational discussion about this issue. Most rational people do not want to be enslaved no matter who their master is, especially under communist rules. Yet, people are supposed to accept, and work toward, this--all because joke-hova's filthy angels are enforcing this. I would just as soon see all those filthy angels suffer even more, and get themselves bound.

  • flipper

    If I did believe in a " Jehovah " or " Satan " ( which I do not ) Satan is giving Jehovah a butt whipping right now if we were keeping score. I mean Jesus- Satan 6,000 Jehovah 0 right now ? The score is pretty lopsided. If Jah was so caring why has he let so many people suffer ? It really makes his name look BAD, not good in that he's done nothing. My 2 cents

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