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  • Isambard Crater
    Isambard Crater

    Here are my notes from the R.C yesterday, the talk called "Jehovah – The greatest example of endurance". Many of you will understand why I found it offensive.

    Jehovah has taken the hard option of choosing to endure:

    • reproach to his holy name
    • attack on his universal sovereignty
    • observing man's morals and this wicked world degrade
    • feeling disappointment about the rebellions in heaven and earth
    • taunts from Satan
    • heartache witnessing his weak, defenceless servants suffer, particularly children, quoting Zachariah chapter 7 verses 9 to 11
    • seeing his witnesses suffer like in Russia at the moment
    • temporarily feeling grief and pain about his servants who lost their lives faithful such as Abraham
    • seeing the paradise earth he made turned into ruin

    he has chosen to endure this, taking the hard option, for the benefit of angels and humans, providing a firm answer to Satan. Man can't live without Jehovah. His mercy extends to allow the privilege of preaching by the Great Crowd.

    If Jehovah ended this wicked system thirty years ago, would you be here today? His love is apparent.

    Illustration of a couple choosing to not abort an unborn disabled child but raise it in love and care, enduring its disabilities to be able to show it love.

    What we can learn? Endurance motives us to action, the main one being the witnessing work.

    Angels are required to endure persecution from demonic forces.

    All we need to do is endure "just a little while longer".

    Jehovah is happy and remains optimistic. So should we.

    He is, of course, perfect, but we are failures.

    Humans can only endure with help from Jehovah at R.C's like this.

    Jehovah knows the optimum time when to bring Armageddon.

    We must endure as long as necessary but it is comforting to know that Jehovah is enduring at the same time.

    We have been granted beautiful aids including the Bible, brotherhood, congregation meetings, privilege of prayer and, above all, the privilege of preaching, along with our hope of paradise.

    Don’t give up - your reward will be rich and full.

  • jp1692

    Wow, Creator of the Universe and yet Jehovah sounds like a whiny little spoiled brat!

    Please tell him I said so. I used to talk to him often but he always ignored everything I said so I don't talk to him anymore.

    If he wants to "set matters straight between us" he knows where to find me (Isaiah 1:18). I've been here waiting in the exact same place for more than six years and the local elders can't find me even though they all know my address and they all have GPS on all of their phones and in all of their cars.

    I guess the angels are busy ...

  • konceptual99

    I hated this talk for all the same reasons above. People (esp women) loved it but I thought Jehovah came across as a whinging egotist, moaning we should be feel sorry for him whilst we all carry on regardless.

    I can't believe that in a convention centred on not giving up they had the balls to put Jehovah's ego above human suffering.

  • _Morpheus

    And just to add to the above, the ridiculous logic of saying if the end had come x number of years ago you wouldnt be here... really? When does that end? Do we have to let the system go for eternity to allow everyone who will ever be born to be born, suffer and thus be resurected? Its stupid beyond words. Nobody can possibly feel sorry the supposed almighty for a choice is he is said to have made. Utter stupidity.

  • konceptual99

    Isambard - just my previous thoughts on the matter. For me it was the most offensive talk of the whole assembly.

  • smiddy

    Jehovah has taken the hard option of choosing to endure:

    Are they for real ? Isnt Jehovah A / The only true God ? Who created the Universe ?

    And he has to endure what Satan hurls against him ? You have to be kidding me.

    Which one is God Almighty here , Jehovah or Satan .if you take notice of the JW religion it seems Satan is the one that has the upper hand.

  • zeb

    'universal sovereignty ' .. I recall a speaker at a convention shouting out that universal sovereignty is the issue of the age. This at apx the time Australians were being hit with the highest interest rates in our history on home loans. That is after we had signed up.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Beats me how these guys know the mind of Jerhoover so well. . . did Big J tell them he's tired and bit edgy at the moment?

    Could they just possibly be making this pathetic nonsense all up. Just possibly?

  • TheWonderofYou
    smiddy: if you take notice of the JW religion it seems Satan is the one that has the upper hand.

    The assumption the Jehovah has to "answer" Satan for anything, answering to a rebell, is alone stupid, likewise like that a ransom has to be paid to Satan or to an institution called "justice" or "compensation". Also that Jehovah needs a "compensation" to be paid for a sin of a man, is stupid. All these are human phantasies to exploit people to pay off a duty or guilt by endless service.

    If sercive is only done to pay off something then this is not my understanding of service. Likewise if Jesus would have served only to pay off something and whould have answered Satan somehow in a "greater issue" would his service not only have been done out of calculatio an not from heart ? If God has not to answer Satan at all, why should Jesus then do it? answering Satan and take part in Satans game of thrones?

    When would such an answer be sufficient, the big issue be settled? After what proof? After a "perfect mans blood" or only after enough ....say 2.000.000 blood witnesses during the centuries? After enough JW women dying, say 20.000 without blood transfusion while giving birth to a child?

    Was Satan not satisfied with Jesus death already back in the Roman Era, does he need today a 21st century renewal of answering to him? Was he not be answered already by Job long before Jesus.? If Job alread gave Satan an answer in the discussion why should then Jesus later and other bloodwitnesses again and again give Satan new answers, better answers? Does the answer in the big issue not turn around "real faith" of one man (without calculatio) what already Job demonstrated? then why it is changed by Watchtower to mean that the answer in the big issue is given later with Jesus' death, but not as "real faith" but as "payment for sins" (a divine calculatio)?

    Which more proof of faith is necessary then the proof already be given? The proof of a persecution in Russia? Would Satan be satisfied if I dropped dead now? There is no qualified answer to the question when Satan would be convinced that Jehovah is right and that his standards are right and how long Jehovah has to endure what Satan "hurls against him".

  • pale.emperor

    Funny... since Jehovah is waiting longer and longer more and more people are being born into poverty in Africa, child abuse, rape, disease etc. So more people are going to die than he's going to save.


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