Are You in a Position to Help JWs and Ex-JWs???

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  • Prisca

    • How many of us here are in the position to help JWs seeking answers to their doubts and questions, as well as ex-JWs who may be wondering if they've made the right decision?
    • Do you feel you have the resources to answer their questions on JW doctrines?
    • How about providing emotional and/or spiritual help?
    • And if you are in the position to do so, would you?

    I often wonder just how many people are out there, JWs and ex-JWs alike, who need someone to talk to about their JW experiences, to ask questions and find assurance. How many of them are unaware that there are people available to help them? People who could be just a phone call or an email away?

    Has anyone ever thought about what ex-JW resources are available in their town or state? And whether you (if you are in the position to) could offer help to those seeking help?

    Prisca, who wants to talk about something else besides the Iraqi war....

  • Dansk

    Great start to a thread, Prisca!

    Yes, jolly good questions. I believe there are enough of us to start some kind of help-line/organisation (sorry if this word offends) to both help others AND to attack the WTS in order for everyone to become aware! I believe they go hand in hand.

    I'm certainly up for it in the UK


  • Latte

    Me too! I would like to help somehow.

  • UnDisfellowshipped


    Ex-JW's and Current JW's can always E-Mail at and talk about whatever they want to, and I will try my best to help them with whatever questions or concerns they have about Jehovah's Witnesses or the Bible.

  • mattnoel

    Yeah would love to help in anyway I can. I think we all do help in some way, just think if this group was not there, ok people have left without it but this really helped me and has really helped many people.

  • rebel


    Brilliant post. I would also join/support any group that exposes these cowards and their hateful, cultish lies.

    I am not sure what form it would take. I live in London and would like to start my own group, having meetings for people who have escaped their evil clutches. I am not sure how it could be done, though. Many people would be too scared to join this sort of group for fear of being 'outed' (if they are fading gradually) plus the pressure it would put on them to stand up in public. Many have friends and family in the org and would be DAd or DFd (if they aren't already) and also shunned. This organisation has filled many (including me) with fear and, as quoted on another thread, it is just like 'The Hotel California - You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave'.

    There must be a way of doing this without causing pain to those who have already been drained & bled dry by the WTS. I would love to hear other people's opinions. I am definitely happy to help in any way I can. My name is already mud in my old congregation, due in part to the rumour-mill that starts when ever anybody leaves, so it can't get much worse.


  • mouthy

    Me too! I have had a support group here in Canada for over 12 years. We have had 700 use this group weather it is EX jws coming & finding others that are "outed" if they need a place to "put up" for a couple of nights, I give away books cassets. video's,information,I have lately stopped it> as it became very difficult with the phone ringing all day- I have ( still do) some one coming every day for lunch-supper- & at my age ( 75) I am find I am tiring ....Meeting nights I had to set up table- chairs- Get coffee- tea-drinks- arrange for pick ups -for those that dont have cars. It is VERY rewarding to see those who first come > find out the truth .& get on with there life- It is not a religious meeting -just fellowship.Although I do open the meeting that I do this because I would have killed myself when the Borg "ousted"me >>& I dont want others to feel like I did>> It is based on Christ.He said he wouldnt leave us as orphans & he hasnt me....But If you start a group be prepared to spend your money- because you dont get any support from anyone except the Churches that I speak at. Sorry to go on so long. But thought I would add my many cents worth....

  • Francois

    We could easily afford a toll-free number, at least one in the US, UK, Europe, Scandinavia, and Oz. Then it would be a matter of manning that phone 24/7; and we'd have to advertise the 800 number using PSAs: "Got Questions About JWs? Pedophilia? Blood? Heaven & Hell? Cultism? Call us today."

    I'll bet that would jar their preserves.


  • DanTheMan

    When I was in the process of leaving I had several long conversations with Marilyn Zweifel on the 1-800-why1914 helpline. She got me through a couple of really rough evenings. The last I heard Marilyn's health has been very bad. I saw her last summer at the BRCI conference and she wasn't looking too good. I hope that the helpline is able to continue if she were to die.

    I have thought about forming a cult recovery group in my area, but I'm really not the most charismatic/organizing kind of guy.

  • AGuest

    Hello, dear Prisca... and much peace to you!

    I would have one question and that is, what of those who want to "leave" the Borg... but not God and Christ? For these, we must be VERY careful... as it may be that we lead them right back into the "fire." For I believe the WTBTS offered the same thing for those wishing to "leave" the Catholic Church... and/or "christendom"... only to again enslave them, and in some senses to a greater degree.

    We have NO right to dissuade anyone from their belief in God and Christ as a condition of loosing their belief in religion. And yet, many do just that.

    Is there a solution, a "place" to send them... another "church" or organization? In truth, there is not. For whether the leader or organizer of that institution WISHES it, man's inclination is usually to follow... man. And the pattern starts all over again: there needs to be "order"... thus there needs to be "organization"... thus... a new "religion" is "borne." Oh, sure, they may not CALL themselves a "religion" (who does, initially?)... but it is what it is.

    If you or any others have a mind to, then, I would ask that IF you encounter someone who wants to leave the Borg... but does NOT want to "leave" God and Christ... that you direct such ones TO God... through Christ. It initially requires nothing on their part... save faith. No meetings, no field service, no contributions to the organization. Eventually, however, it will require love... TRUE love... for their enemy as well as their brother. But I don't think they will find this very difficult. All they need do is remember the things religion TOLD them they should do... versus what religion SHOWED them... and do it. And they have NO pastor, no elder, no pope, no deacon... no one... standing over them to ensure that they do it... except themselves... and God... through Christ.

    For in helping others, it is NOT about us... or at least, it shouldn't be... but about the one seeking help. THEIR good is what is most at stake. And while leading them out of the Borg is indeed a "good" thing, leading them into another type of slavery... is not.

    I ask you, then, for these... who love God in SPITE of the Borg... lead them to the One that can TRULY "set them free."

    John 8:32, 36

    Again, I am only asking. Folks are gonna do... what they're gonna do.

    Again, the greatest of love and peace to you, dear Prisca.

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


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