Finding Neverland

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  • Diogenesister
    Magnum I observed all that the whole while thinking that my wife and I will have nobody - not one single soul. I worry that I will die first and leave her completely alone in the world.

    Reading this breaks my heart. I only wish I lived near you. I'm longing for family, too.

    You know what hurts too? My own beautiful boys were shunned by my own mother. They have no other living grandparents and all the extended family they had died of cancer. I would have given anything to have a surrogate couple to be grandparents to them. They are lovely kids, would have brought pleasure and joy wherever they went and I know they feel bad they have no family.

    Where was "Grandparents R US' when I needed them?


    OP Orange I have noted similar "arrested development" in witnesses. I think I suffered from it myself before I left. A child-like state is "safe" - because we are not allowed to grow into adults emotionally, after all we may develop adult 'interests' which are generally forbidden as JWs!!! There's no temptation if you don't stray from the preoccupations of your average 9 year old.

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