JWs Advertising on TV now

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  • eisenstein

    Hi everyone,

    We were just watching ER rerun episodes back to back...after the second episode finished Chachasmum and I saw an advertisement for the JWs.

    It started out showing a teenage girl on the computer like she was in a chat room...and it was showing her write love notes to someone whom she thought might be a teenage boy...and a voice over said something like...parents protect your children...then it showed an old, fat man with a bottle of beer, sitting back typing on the computer...then all of a sudden it said, "Teach your children Knowledge, Wisdom and Thinking Ability"...it caught my ear and I looked closer at the bottom of the screen it read: Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses...and gave a 1-800 number.

    Looks like they are stealing the Mormons' pitch.

    They must not be doing too well on the magazines...they've gone prime time. Well actually it was 1:30AM in the morning. That's probably the only air space they could get.


    Actually, Chachasmum just had a thought...Maybe they are trying to do damage control because of all of the bad publicity they've gotten over the sex abuse scandals. They have a lot of nerve!!!

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    'christian' message = be afraid because other people are evil, especially old fat men who use computers

    Evil is incarnate in older fat men, so stay away from computers - and remember, your teenage children are really thick compared to you, so don't let them use computers and they'll be smart, like jws.

  • rebel

    This is hilarious.

    I know they are desperate. The only ones that seem to be getting baptised are the children of existing JWs - but they don't last. In my congregation, of the 12 young ones baptised in recent years, only 4 are still active JWs. The rest have skidaddled off into the 'world' and have become 'worldly' In other words, they can think for themselves and don't need this garbage in their lives. I am so pleased when this happens - it's great they escape while they are still young.

    They must be frantic to be using this approach. Do they really think anyone could watch an advert like this without a sick bag to hand?


  • Dansk

    The Berry Case is coming up again in New Hampshire in the summer. This is another sickening ploy to paint the Watchtower white - to show the org's "caring" image for children.

    Everyone knows it's a haven for paedophiles! This is an attempt to make people forget. It's really sickening.

  • mouthy

    But in mho....If I was in the "world" watching a add like that ..I might think Oh the Watch tower is warning folk about the "sickies" (after seeing the programs that have aired lately about the pedo's)It wasnt really JW's that abused their children it was some guys ( fat or thin) that got in touch with them off the computor >It might make me soften towards them..& the next caller would get a listening ear. ( my 2 cents

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    teach what? thinking ability? Who in the heck are they kidding...none of us who have traveled down that path. In order to remain a blindless follower one must give up, if indeed they ever had the ability for thinking outside the box. What bullcrap. But then again most people believe what is passed before their eyes and ears on television. JW's are hypocrites of the worst kind.


  • Maverick

    In WatchTower speak 'thinking ability' translates into giving the J-dud masters the ability to do your thinking for you! Maverick

  • Scooby

    Is that from the Real JW'S???? I never heard "Christian congregation" before...is that new?

  • eisenstein

    Yes Scooby,

    There was a letter read a while back, referring to them as the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses...

    I am not sure when they first started using this name, but when you call Bethel now they answer the phone as "Jehovah's Witnesses" instead of "Watchtower"


  • Rado Vleugel
    Rado Vleugel

    Hi Eisenstein,

    On my site I have an article about another Watchtower commercial: http://www.watchtowerinformationservice.org/lovecom.htm

    Rado Vleugel

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