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  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury
    The January 1989 wt said the end would come before the end of the twentieth century, but when the bound volume for that year came out end of the following year that wt had been edited changing that paragraph.

    Back in the late 1990's We had an old pioneer elder was adamant the society had said that, We poo pood him and showed him the bound volume were it didnt, poor guy must have thought he was losing his mind as he also could not find the quote.

    Turns out he was bloody right all along.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I have just checked my 2016 WT DVD-ROM with all current updates and it still has all WT's back to 1950, Awakes to 1970, KM's to 1970 and I cannot see any books that have been removed, it still has "Commentary on James" even.

    It would be interesting to hear what people think has been specifically removed or changed.

    Interestingly, the screen version of the song last Sunday had been "updated" from the printed version already.


  • zeb

    Some months ago the wt asked that old copies of Library be disposed of. My wife (uber-in) asked me to remove them off this computer.

    I took a look into a few of them and I cant recall now what I read but it was quite obvious this is what the bastards are up to. My guess and I stress... guess is that they have been embarrassed by events and wish the information/evidence lurking in their own library to be removed.

  • berrygerry
    Some months ago the wt asked that old copies of Library be disposed of.

    Any reference source available?

  • cognisonance

    If true, why doesn't this sound of alarm bells to those that believe?

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    What is known as "errata data tipped in," i.e., correction sheet glued in.

    This is what we did at Bethel; ironic that this is on the back end sheet of Crisis of Conscience.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    In the old days, proofreading was laborious, like emptying a bathtub of water with a teaspoon.

    We listened to a master tape -- essentially perfect material -- and checked the text in our galleys against that. The WT index for five years was a head-splitting exercise is an aim for perfection, this task handed to Brother Xxxxxxx and me.

    It incorporated thousands of entries for the newly completed AID TO BIBLE UNDERSTANDING. I cannot recall the outside source of some data sent us, but I'll never forget "Ruffled Grouse" and "serving Jehovah with hardy (sic) purpose." Oh, yeah -- the running head, "Bablyon the Great."

  • cognisonance

    Errata corrections are sometimes documented. The "glue-in sheet" also happened with the Revelation book as I remember. However, changing and removing content without documenting this publicly is very different from how normal publishing works. Most publishers make a point to show what was changed, updated, or corrected (not try to hide it whenever they can).

    Additionally, why is there a need for any errata-like corrections if the writings come from men that are led by the spirit of a perfect god? Seems god choose obtuse nincompoops to communicate with (which then seems to be a contradiction of god being perfect [otherwise he'd have chosen better], these men being spirt-led, or god existing at all).

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings, cognisonance:

    Yes, re: the Revelation book. Thank you for the additional points made.

    Best Wishes.


  • LongHairGal


    No surprise here.

    I guess all those old bound volumes and other WT books that people never threw away are going to be invaluable. So, the message to everybody is: keep them as a reference, along with later year CDs.

    The religion hates this and wishes it would all disappear.

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