Why do we see only brown-colored people in USA detention centers?

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  • Wonderment

    Why are for the most part brown-colored people held in detention centers? Where are the rest of illegal immigrants?

    I think the question is valid -- as one website noted: "The U.S. government does not maintain reliable demographics of who is in immigration detention..." (https://www.freedomforimmigrants.org/detention-statistics)

    A Canadian woman not too long ago said to me (spontaneously - I did not bring up the subject) the following words when she heard the live TV news broadcast, which dealt about the immigrants being held at dozens of detention centers in USA: "I am Canadian, and I have been living here ILLEGALLY for 29 years. In all those years, not once, have I been asked to show documentation of my immigration status. I really feel sorry for those Mexicans and Central Americans who are getting a different treatment." (End of quote)

    And then just this week, a government official suggested (because of recent political rhetorics) that the "Liberty" message of the Statue of Liberty poem has taken on the meaning of "liberty and justice" for Europeans, or something to that effect.

    So my question is: Since United States are getting new immigrants every day by the thousands from all over the world (via air, cargo ships, or other, besides the border entrance), what happens to all those people who stay here illegally? Where do they go. Do they round them up? If so, why do we see mostly brown people from south of the border in those Detention Centers (BTW, 71% are private-for profit institutions)?

    For instance, what about those women who come here from Russia and Ukraine to give birth every day in USA (many overstay their visas)? Where do they put them? Does ICE goes after them? Where do they go? What am I missing here?

  • RubaDub

    Have you ever stood in the sun in Texas, Florida, etc. and not get "brown?"

    Rub a Dub

  • RubaDub

    Same reason you only see white people in baseball caps and flannel shirts at Trump rallies.

    Rub a Dub

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    The flow across the Mexican border is WAY bigger than any other. Add in that it is a darling for news right now

  • rickroll

    Well that is as easy as what color is the sky. Because they are the ones coming in illegally over the border. Now back to bed with you.

  • silentbuddha

    I ask you to come to a walmart un my county in NC.

    Every Saturday morning 50 to 60 buses loads of illegal migrant workers go in the walmart at 10 am and shop.

    They leave the fields and go shopping... just the men.

    I have never seen white immigrants or black immigrants flood anywhere like this.

    You only see brown immigrants because it is so many of them

    For god sake the number of Hispanics in 35 years has eclipsed the NJ imber of African Americans in the country.

    They are everywhere. There has been a 1200 percent increase of hispanics in many southern counties un the last 20 years. 1200 percent, let that sink in

  • frozen2018

    There are about 100,000 illegal Canadians living in the US. The US has a population of 330,000,000. I would guess that most of the 100,000 illegals from the north are white given Canada is 72% white (almost identical to the US) and most Canadians speak passable English. Additionally about 70% of Canadians live within 50 miles of the US border and have easy access to American cultural influences (sorry Canadians). So if you are white, speak English, and know that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth just split up after 7 months of marriage (I was really rooting for those two), that illegal would blend in with Americans far easier than say a non-English speaking brown guy from El Salvador. Also, if hundreds - if not thousands - of Canadians were crossing the border illegally daily, there would be detention centers filled with detained Canadians waiting to be sent back.

    I saw a young lady not to long ago and someone said she was Canadian (immigration status unknown). She looked to be in pretty bad shape and kept saying, "Where's the timmies? I need timmies! PLEASE GOD! SEND ME SOME TIMMIES!" I have no idea what "timmies" means, some sort of narcotic perhaps. It was a sad thing to see.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I know people of all sorts that have been illegal. I even know a Canadian and other Europeans that have been detained and deported, but also known 'illegal' Asians and African people. The majority though, especially in the South are going to be South American.

    One minor problem with the statistic on non-Mexican people right now is that a portion of that population is due to a massive overload of the immigration system, so you can be "illegal" after your visa expires (eg. student or work) because you've done all the paperwork but the INS is currently more than 1-2 years behind on processing paperwork so your status expires but you would be legal otherwise. Even just renewing without any sort of review takes more than 6 months so if you wait until the last day to renew, you will be illegal for ~3-6 months.

    The difference is that the MAJORITY of Europeans, Asians and African people come here legally or are truly refugees and then their status changes or they don't know how to do the paperwork (especially a problem in African communities where people don't know how to read, let alone read English).

    The people in detention centers on the other hand are only there temporarily unless they have clear gang affiliations. They are either detained crossing the border or are voluntarily surrendering at a port of entry. That would be primarily South American people because that's the only border people do this en masse. The detention centers only keep people for a couple of days (a lot of people from India, Pakistan and the Middle East have embedded themselves in the migrant caravans) and then release them into the interior with a court order to come back and make their case a certain time in the future, most end up never showing up and THEN they become illegals.

  • hoser

    Canadian illegals? The only ones I know are the snowbirds that stay an extra week in Yuma because they don’t want to drive the motorhome though a blinding snowstorm in May on the way home.

  • tiki

    Because the current administration is racist. And the crackdown is aimed at the southern border of the U.S.......most seeking a better safer life here are darker complected than white supremacists.

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