Life in a spiritual (UN)-paradise

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  • Reasonfirst

    A long, long time ago, when I was young, I became a 'special' pioneer. What was so 'special' ? It meant that I had to spend 150 hours a month, and I received a small allowance.

    I was then assigned to a small country congregation, in western NSW (Australia).

    In those days the WTS talked a lot about the JW org, being a spiritual paradise.

    So what was this part of the spiritual paradise like? I'm going to describe what the experiences of people in this part of the spiritual paradise were like.

    There was one main family in this part of the paradise, But by this time only the Grand mother, mother and a daughter attended meetings. The husband had once been the Congregation Servant (this was before elders). Then during a Circuit Servants (another out-of-date term) visit, something the husband had done caused the CS to want to remove him as Congregation Servant, So the Circuit Servant waited to the last day of the visit, gave the main talk, then during the WT study, drove to that family's home, broke in, and removed the congregation records. Wow! when this was discovered, that was the end of the husband's theocratic career.

    But wait, that's just the beginning of this story .......... !

  • scary21

    Fascinating..... Please continue .

  • Reasonfirst

    thank U scary 21

    Another member of this small country congregation was Sister I, who lived in a condition of constant depression and who seldom spoke. Why? Well, some years before, her son had been hospitalised and the medical staff wanted to give him a blood transfusion. Advised by the congregation, Sister I said NO!

    But the boy died, and the whole town (then numbering about 3000) turned against her, leading to her depressed condition..

    Some years later, when I was no longer in that area, I heard that Sister I, had committed suicide.

  • Reasonfirst

    I was only the latest Sp. Pioneer to be assigned to try and help this small part of the so-called 'spiritual paradise.'

    Two women Sp. Pioneers had been sent there a few years before me. One of them was Sister A.

    Suitable accommodation was always a problem in country towns like this, and these two found a room in an old, former catholic monastery, that was mainly housing dead-beats. Coming home after a days H2H work, they often had to step over one of those sort of guys who would be dead-drunk in the hall way.

    So just how Sister A, got involved with a man that spent most of the time drunk, I don't know. But get involved she did, and married the guy. In time the marriage deteriorated and he would bash her up. I'm not sure how this ended up. But i guess it was all part of living in a spiritual paradise.

  • ThomasMore

    Sounds paradisaic to me - similar to the dysfunctional congregation I was born into. It was filled with the outcasts of society for the most part. Drunks, weirdos, at least one pedo, anointed nutters who were such bad examples that they could not be given parts on the meetings, and the wildest teenagers imagineable, who brought so much reproach that almost all were DFd. A REAL PARADISE!!!

    Can you see yourself there? I bet you can if you just look at your own congregation :-)

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Hey, its Monday.

    In case you missed it. Here is Stacys latest weekly video. Hes awesome.

  • fulano

    Hi Reasonfirst. 150 hours. That must be a long time ago. We had to do 140 as SP and missionary, I am talking about 1987-1998.

  • Drearyweather

    Reasonfirst, would be interesting to know what you personally did to help the people in that congregation.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I can only remember when the RPs were put on a pedestal when the monthly requirement was 90 hrs.

    All kinds of fringe benefits. Invites to special suppers with the CO when he was around. Other events too, like a wine and dine every few months. Trips to the lake for a camping night..

    Im thinking around late 1980s early 90s, with the 90 hrs thing.

    150 hrs!!

    That must be a really long time ago.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    ive been in 3 different congregations--except there were not different--all the same. Mostly dominant women accompanied by thick as shit husbands. Nutters left over from the Rutherford era. Lifes misfits. Non- achievers in the real world.

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