Life in a spiritual (UN)-paradise

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  • Reasonfirst

    Special Pioneer partners:

    This little town certainly tested pioneers.

    Just why Sister A, lost her zeal and married town drunk I don't know. Her partner was tougher and was assigned to another cong. in another town and continued as a Sp.Pio. for many years.

    And, why did young Brother M, wait until he was a Sp. pio. in this town to satisfy his sexual needs. As, I recall these long ago events, it wasn't long before both M. and his parents were no longer living in the spiritual paradise.

    Brother J's family were JW old-timers (from before WW2) an no doubt influenced him. But 2-3 weeks after we bother arrived in this town, he suddenly claimed he had to go back to Sydney, but would be back in a week or so. Some 2 months later he returned, but only stayed for a little while and disappeared again. The last time I heard of Bro. J. he had divorced his wife and bought a beachfront house in an area called Surfer's Paradise.

    Maybe the guys in the Aussie branch office had problems finding more people to be Sp. pioneers. A couple of months later I was notified by the branch office that bro X from Perth (on the other side of Aust) would be my new partner. He duly arrived, took a look around the town and after 2 days said he was going back to Perth.

    A couple of months later, Bro. Z was assigned. But, by then I'd had enough of this assignment and it was my turn to tell him, I was gonna piss off too. In fairness, I should say that Bro Z. was made of sterner stuff and stuck that town out for a long time, until he was appointed as a circuit overseer.

  • Reasonfirst
    Quote: " Reasonfirst, would be interesting to know what you personally did to help the people in that congregation."

    It's more than 30 years since I was chucked out of the spiritual paradise, and about 60 years since the experiences I've described.

    I no longer think that there's someone up in the sky, looking after "his" (or maybe "hers," or even "its") people on earth. Did all the hours spent in preaching or "helping" people, by myself or anyone else, ever have any real benefits?

    I did try to be some sort of comforter to the Sister I (the one who lost her son in a blood issue), but from my present perspective I suggest that she needed 'help' from someone with far more training and experience in providing psychological/psychiatric assistance than a young bible basher could ever provide.

    From a more general perspective, has anything that christianity or any other religious group done, ever made an iota of difference to the human condition. I've visited Asian countries many times, and see buddhist adherents praying fervently, but no modern day buddha has appeared to relieve their problems.

  • blondie

    After 9 congregations in various US states and European countries, I finally realized there was no "spiritual paradise." And left and have never gone back and never will. I finally learned the facts of jw congregations. I realized there was no "Christian" love in any of them, and Bethel was the worst of all, their little special "family." After 23 years out, Things have even gotten worse. Yes, the hours around 120 hours for "publishers" not just pioneers and "special" pioneers. The WTS says the GB, is not "inspired" and "imperfect" but still can tell the rank-and-file what the scriptures mean and even set doctrine and rules that the WTS says "the Bible does not say" but then goes on to explain what their god left out. That somehow their god only shines light on the GB who then tells the members it is from their god. The WTS today does not resemble their group that my grandparents and parents were members of. But the WTS does not have a reliable book of their history, the ones who lived then or had parents that did have died off and the publications that had those old ideas have been left to go out of publication. I finally realized that the WTS is not just a "high-control" group but a cult. The WTS only gets rid of elders who do not play by the WTS rules and make it public. I am not surprised by any of these experiences, having seen all of them myself over the last 60 years as an adult. I finally realized as far as the WTS and its members, "Jehovah has left the land, and he is not seeing" a quote from book of Ezekiel when it says their that the Israelites had even brought the statue of a false god into the Holy (not Most Holy) area of the temple and the priests were leading worship of it and making the other Israelites do the same. I am glad I'm out of the WTS and that I don't have to see that hypocrisy first hand and see those in charge, wink their eyes at. Their "Jehovah" has left the land, if he had every been in it.

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