Who is the current "King of the South"?

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  • COMF
    There lived a young boy named Rocky Raccoon ...

    If you're gonna quote scripture, please get it right. It's "Thar". "Thar lived a young boy" etc.

    "I'm 'on' git that boy..." - Rocky Racoon

  • Valis

    I'm thinking that WildTurkey is the King of the South..Soooo I guess that makes lyineyes the Queen..sheesh"Oh God! Why dost thou torture me so?!" *Job style*

    I'm w/gsx on this one....it really does show you what a limited scope the bible 'scholars" cough...cough...had in terms of the things going outside of their own self righteous drama...all over the world civilizations were flourishing just fine and dandy...Jehover or not..


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  • rocketman

    As Blondie's helpful post indicates, it is the King of the North, not the King of the South, whose identity is evidently in question.

  • gitasatsangha

    One possible suspect:

    Hank Hill

  • Valis

    *LOL* gita...

    I was just thinking to myself that OUTLAW has to be the King of The North...I mean he's got houses, ranches, lakes, mountains...sheesh he's either a King or Saddam Hussien...take your pick..*LOL*


    Cerveza Excesiva del Districto

  • gumby
    an illiterate wandering goat herding tribe


  • Erich

    rocketman: As Blondie's helpful post indicates, it is the King of the North, not the King of the South, whose identity is evidently in question. Error. Both type of "kings" are presently in question. In a few weeks or months, when we have seen the outcome and political results of this gulf war II, we will know it exactly. Be sure. E.

  • archangel01

    The king of the south is the USA etc

    The king of the North has to be (Not sure) North Kor.

    They have like a million troops the USA only has about 600,000 I think. Plus after the usa wins the war on iraq, the usa will not be in the best shape to take on kor. because there has to be some US troops that have to stay in iraq so clinchs don't form again and cause trouble for the iraq"e" people. Now the USA will be left with about I say 500,000 troops or less from the past two wars because like I said Bush has to leave a lot of troops there in those places so trouble doesn't start up again! Plus the US is using a lot of it's fire power etc. So the USA won't be in shape to take over this an that and I think in the Bible the king of the north & south don't beat each other because Jesus steps in an takes them both out.I'm going to read the Bible on Dan. and Rev. etc about this to see what point in time we are at! I hope this helps, remember this is only my throughts on this matter nothing more or less!

  • Erich


    Can you imagine 500 000 US-troops in Iraq for two years and more? I cannot. This would mean a double-Vietnam. Who in this world would pay for the costs? The USA is encumbered with debts; more than the most european countries.

    And besides, the whole islamic region get stabilized day by day the longer the war lasts.


  • blondie

    Erich, just a note, I was commenting only on what JWs think and teach officially (not my opinion). I realize that other individuals and groups believe and teach differently.


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