Have you ever run a marathon? Would you?

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  • dubla

    princess and michael-

    my girlfriend (moodyblue on this sight, but she doesnt post any more), signed up for the june marathon in san diego with team in training as well.....but shes had horrible luck fund raising, and couldnt "re-commit", so shes going to try the next round i think (which the meetings start in april), and run a different one. my question is, could you email her in your spare time and discuss your fund raising techniques? she could really use the support and ideas, as she gotten kind of discouraged with it. im sure shed really appreciate it if you ever have a few minutes....her name is alli, and her email is allykat2@hotmail.com .....thanks in advance,


  • JH

    I love to walk, but I don't run.

    Good Luck in your marathon.

  • SheilaM

    an6.gifPrincess: Whooo hooo go girl!!!!

    I personally never did run do to my asthma and a severe avoidance problem LOL But now I want to at least jog before I get any older. As far as a marathon I don't think I will ever be that good but I have been in a walk-a-thon with my daughter many moons ago.

    Best of LUUCK an6.gifas Thunder would say "Kick butt and take names"

  • Valis

    Um can I ride my motocycle? *LOL* hey Princess...perhaps Thunder, Animal, our other bikers and I could put it in 2nd gear and coast along...kind of like an apostate Honer Patrol...best wishes and good luck from the Texas Branch..


    District Overbeer

  • ISP

    In the Uk we have a London Marathon..........it would be cool if we could do an antiWTS fun run!


  • TruckerGB

    The only thing that runs on me,is my nose,but good luck,I hope you do well.



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